A Day By Any Other Name Is Still A Day…

I seem to be in this weird little head space lately of balancing out all these strange little incongruities that have been slipping quietly into the grey matter as of late.  This morning we were discussing Obama’s acknowledgement that he accepts and supports gay and lesbian marriage.  I congratulate him for affirming that they along with all the heterosexuals of this world are all equal.

What ran through my head is why should we not accept this to begin with?  We are all human.  We all love, we all cry, we all hurt, we all look for acceptance and friendship.  We all want to matter….to someone.  And to say that someone is ‘less’ of a person because of their sexual orientation or the colour of their skin or their position in society (etc. etc. etc.) …I don’t accept that.  I never have.

We were discussing religions as well and my comment was that there have been thousands of different interpretations on long standing questions…long standing events. It goes back to the old adage of going in a thousand different directions when we all have the same destination in mind.  For myself personally, it is more important to focus on the journey and how I respond to those around me than where I will ultimately end up.  For me to reach out to everyone I share this place called Earth with, to honour the home that provides for us, to acknowledge our differences and accept our union because at the end of the day…we ultimately have the same wants and needs.

There are those in positions of power who misuse it to our expense, grievously so.  Yet what is power really?  Are you powerful if you can, by your cruelty, command an army to kill those who disagree with you?  Are you powerful, if by this same cruelty, you can deny the basics of life such as food and shelter to the people you govern so that you might enjoy the spoils of wealth at their expense?  Are you powerful if you can strike fear into the hearts and minds of those you claim to teach and administer to preventing them from exploring free thought?

No, you are not powerful.  You are a coward.

Power in my mind, is when you display your vulnerability and connect to all of those around you who willingly open themselves and allow us to look into each others soul.  It is then that we see our cosmic makeup.  It is then we see the mosaic of humanity in all its natural beauty.  It is there that we see the love and acceptance that transcends the boundaries and borders and fear that we have thrown up and it is there that power is truly displayed in its truest form.

We are not all alike.  It would be terribly boring if we were.  But I love the idea of what if…?

I love the idea that we should be able to question the lessons that are taught to us and not just accept them as fact.  It is from these questions that we grow and expand.  It is from our debates and musings that new ideas, technologies, reasoning and understanding that thought blossoms and curiosity is born.

Remember at one time the Earth was thought to be flat and that the Sun rotated around the Earth.  Yet  that theory was challenged and proved to be incorrect.  We all want to believe in something.  Again it is part of our cosmic makeup.  For many we have been raised that this is the way of the world…end of story.  We follow the pattern of beliefs that have been handed to us and we live by that.

So step outside your comfort zone and try to see the world through another’s eyes who you may in fact feel some opposition to and do this in earnest.  Just really try to imagine life in their shoes, the fear they feel and how it relates to your own.  Then perhaps you will see that you are not so different after all.



2 thoughts on “A Day By Any Other Name Is Still A Day…

  1. In Judaism we have a saying: “Who is strong? One who can control themselves.”

    Although I value and cherish difference, I feel we are all really more alike than we are different.


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