See me…

I am in this moment, wanting to immerse myself in this thing that has no name.

Every word that I pour onto this page, so eloquent and stylized in its delivery…so beautifully choreographed so as to blend together with such force and fluidity.  Each word melts the heart, tugs at it, captures it.

I have your attention now and I begin to describe my wanting and my desire…you are caught up in the rapture of the words….they bind you willingly.

I describe what your touch would do to me and how the body would surrender  to the anticipated delight that awaits it.  I describe my curiosity in discovering every recess of your body that aches to be touched, that desires attention.

And I will describe to you how in our fervor to satisfy each others needs our passions will explode in a fevered pitch.

Want will now become need, powerful and insistent.

And while this fantasy unfolds upon this sheet of paper, and I watch you…wanting to catch your eye.  Your will rise and leave never knowing the woman who undressed you and played with you from across the room.

And even if you had noticed my attentions, would you have looked in my eyes?  Would you have seen the promise there?  And I try to find a way to put myself out there…to be seen.

Just look in my eyes…they will rival anything that is written on this page.


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