Pillow Talk

Interesting conversation with my bed this morning.

The alarm sounds and I hit snooze.  “Yes…let the mind games begin with this most annoying pieces of technology.” I mutter.

Then the bed chimes in.  “Nancy, you do know you could stay in bed this morning.  I will make it worth your while.”

I smile at this.  Of course the bed always makes getting up extraordinarily difficult and I burrow deeper into its depths.

“No talking to me now…I am getting my extra 10 minutes in.” I tell the bed.

When that miscreant of an alarm clock again so rudely interrupts my slumber the bed whispers…”You can hit snooze one more time!”

I can…and I do.  So now I am in somewhat of semi-conscious state.  Still a bit in the realm of sleep and bit on the awakened side.  The bed once again adds its two cents.

“Nancy, you don’t have to go to the gym this morning.  You could go after work instead.  You have that option today.”

If there is one thing that is extremely annoying to me, it is a bed that happens to have a great deal of logic.  I really tried to argue with it but the debate was pretty much over before it began.  Yes, I can go to the gym after work rather than sit in rush hour traffic.  Ordinarily I have things lined up after work….I run with my clinic…I have meetings with my writing groups, etc.

But Wednesday is open at the moment.  So I allowed myself the luxury of the additional 1/2 hour of sleep and when I did rise from my bed this morning, I felt quite oh so rested and oh so decadent for having ‘stolen’ a few moments of extra sleep.

I was making the coffee and our cat, Leo began his morning complaint.  He wants to be fed and he wants to be fed now!  I smile at him and tell him as I usually do that he meows like a girly-man.  He takes offense to this and meows that much louder.  I make my way into the bathroom where he follows with his insistent chatter then he proceeds to stick his ass in my face.  I conceded and give his butt a good rub.

I have no idea why this cat complains so much.  He lives a life of being fed and pampered, but no, that is just somehow not enough.  He wants more and he makes it known.  If he had it his way…either me or my daughter would be permanently in place to feed and love him all day long.   Then I think he would be truly content, though I really think the little lion would still find something to complain about.

We all have our little morning rituals that we do as we prepare for the day. I like that the days are longer now.  Not that I don’t like the dark of night.  I do.  There is something quite appealing about it for me.  What I love though is being part of the transition when day kisses night goodbye and the darkness fades and new energy and new life is once again breathed into our existence.

And off to work we go.  Bit of a monsoon happening at the moment…but then when you live in rainforest…you should expect rain, yes?  Those lush greens and fragrant bushes need the benefit of a good down pour.

Time to get to work.  I am glad that I listened to the bed this morning, not that I will every morning though.  Most times I have it my way but a little pillow talk once in a while…its good.

Have  good one.


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