Rainy Monday…

We are having a wet one today.  It isn’t windy or anything…just this downpour.  It is very grey out there right now and if you had never been to our City and you saw it today, you would not know we have these amazing mountains on our door step.  Still the trees are sporting new leaves..quite fashionable actually and such an vibrant green!  There are these other bushes…I could not tell you what they are called because they usually have names that are longer than some of my posts, but the new leaves come out in red then turn to green.  At the moment they look like they are on fire.  It is really beautiful.

I had a good weekend.  I am feeling such a delightful calm these days and really just this sense of wonder about the world around me.  I had my last session with James on Saturday and we talked quite a bit about this past year and the changes both of us have made.  It really has been extraordinary.  We were discussing movies as well and one that I recommended he watch is called Cave of Forgotten Dreams.

This is an absolutely fabulous film.  I saw it last summer in the Cinema and it was in 3D.  It is a documentary about the Chauvet Cave in France which houses the oldest prehistoric art ever discovered.  It is approximately 32,000 years old.  The art work is in pristine condition.  There is a point in this film when they say nothing…just walk you through the Cave along with them and expose you to such beautifully painted animals that appear as if they were done yesterday.

There is also a section where the artists have left their handprints on the wall.  That part really moved me to tears and still does.  I thought how human…this desire to leave our mark…to let everyone know we existed.  It is a signature, a statement, a moment captured and frozen in time.  As we move through the Cave I can feel their spirit, I can feel their essence…their energy.  This desire to tell a story.  This need to create through imagery it is so prevalent in our species.

I wonder what it would have been like to have lived at that time.  Like us, they had feelings, they had opinions.  They likely had their own form of language.  They may well have had certain rituals that they undertook.  I know this simply because you cannot create the paintings that they did and not be a creature driven by emotion, driven to express and relay that which is around you.  Also, the Cave was primarily for the hunt as it is littered with animal bones.  So there in lies the idea of ritual.  And I wonder how it started?  Because we see this in every culture…the need to express ourselves in some form or another.  Always painting and imagery have been a very prominent feature in this expression and continue to be so.

I can’t say enough about this film.  If you have the opportunity to see, please do.

Enjoy your day.



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