Have a coffee on me

At this writing I am considerably wet.  I got the office all set up and ready to go.  Sat down to have my morning coffee and a quick bite and to impart my many words of wisdom upon the waiting masses.  Had it all in my head that I would be telling you about this fabulous run that I had this morning and how inspired and energetic I feel.  I reached to take the top off my cup and it tipped over spilling coffee  all over my desk, my pants, my computer, the floor.

Now fortunately no important reports or things of that nature got wet.  Pretty much just me and the desk top. Things that will dry out.  Desk top, computer and floor are clean…and me, well, I am wearing a pair of black denims today.  I have washed them down substantially so I am sitting here in extraordinarily wet jeans from the waist all the way down.  It will dry and fortunately they are black so any stains that may occur shouldn’t be noticeable.  I do smell like medium roast now, however, and our coffee machine in back is out of order, hence the coffee from our friends at Starbucks this morning.

I have had a challenging week in terms of my coordination.  This has been tested on many levels…but I gotta tell you…I am rocking the hair thing today.  My god, I am just gorgeous!  Wet…but gorgeous none the less.

Now I was thinking…I could sue Starbucks, yes?  After all, they had the lid on the cup funny you know.  It caused me to try and remove it in an awkward fashion which resulted in a poorly shaped cylindrical cardboard container lacking in structural integrity to tip over onto my lap.

And I make this statement with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

I would not do this…but it got me thinking how people will do silly things of this nature then blame the company that sold them the product.  I was not burnt at all but I was ‘warmed’ up.  Starbucks typically does not have extremely hot coffee.  Also, it had cooled quite a bit from the time I got to the office and did my rounds of setting everything up for the day.  I was thinking of the woman who went through McDonald’s Drive-Thru and had the coffee in between her legs and I think she had to stop suddenly or some such thing and ended up with extremely hot coffee being doused on her which resulted in burns.

Now common sense would tell me that I should not put hot liquid between my legs while driving.  It is a regrettable lesson that she learned, but I wouldn’t have blamed the temperature of the coffee or the company that sold it to  me for this occurrence.

And the world keeps on turning and I will go get a coffee a little later.  Brave, huh?

But I did have an absolutely splendid run this morning.  It was cool out and you know those first few moments of running it takes a bit for the breath to regulate itself.  Dawn is just beginning to break now when I run in the morning so as I was going through Queen’s Park the trees were emerging from their shadows.  Morning’s breath moved through me and around me as I moved with the transition of night to day.  I feel the energy and promise of this day.  I see the beauty and quiet grace laid out before me.  There is a cleansing that occurs as all the pores open.

I am blessed to be able to do this again.

And as I sit here drip drying from this latest little mishap, all I can do is smile.  Life is such a funny thing at times.

Enjoy your day.  Thanks for stopping by.


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