Oh…the Horror!

I did make it to the gym today though I didn’t sleep great last night.  The mind seems to be in overdrive these days.  What to do?  I am feeling a bit beat up today.  Last night I walked into a restaurant that had a polished concrete floor.  I was wearing a lovely teal dress with white kitten heels.  I looked quite eloquent, I must say.

I took one step onto the floor and I was down for the count.  Boom!  There really is no way to fall gracefully, now is there?  So I was laying there splayed out on the floor of the restaurant in all my glory….my thigh high nylons now anklets…my dress having shimmied up just a wee bit too high.  I wasn’t ready for my close up but when the moment arises we must be gracious, yes?

The host reached down and took hold of me and assisted me to my feet.  “Are you alright?” he asked with genuine concern.

I smiled at him, “Yes…I will be fine.  Just to let you know, though, it usually takes at least 10 minutes to get me on my back…you’re good!”  And we proceeded to my table with him laughing quite loudly at my comeback.

I am sporting a grapefruit size bruise on my thigh this morning, and considering that I am on blood thinners these days the damage has been exaggerated to some degree.

So I was careful at the gym this morning as I don’t want to make it worse.  But had a nice intense little session then went for a steam.  I started to take out all the things from my gym bag to get myself ready for work and horror of all horrors…I forgot my makeup bag at home!

I gasped loudly.  “No!”

Eyes widened….pupils dilated….heart rate increased….cold sweat….

No makeup…and I have to go out into the world…like this?   Fear and trepidation set in.  I began the gnashing of the teeth next then curled up in a ball and started to suck my thumb.

Okay…yes, I am once again being slightly dramatic…but only ‘slightly’ (she says with a sly smile on her face).

Funny, though how we are so used to our routines.  I feel a bit naked I must say.  I am happy to say that I am lined up for hair maintenance…so fortunately my bangs are quite long right now so I did an interesting comb over and look like Thing.  But then even with makeup on I might very well look like Thing.

There has been something I have been meaning to try…which is eyelash tinting.  So I just might give it a whirl today.  I usually have makeup on so I have never bothered.

A new adventure?

Will she have yet another crippling event regarding her appearance?

Will she ever find a hairstyle that she likes?

Will she ever learn to dress herself?

Will she ever learn how to walk in heels?

Will she just say ‘Screw it!”

Will she turn into a pirate and start to wear a patch?

Will she roam the Seven Seas now that she has found freedom from wearing makeup?

Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Well, I could go roll around in the rain today and when the authorities came to take me away then I would simply tell them it was because I forgot my makeup at home.

Enjoy your day everyone…




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