Ruby Tuesday and the Bird Nest Cafe

Well I am the very vision of a walking fashion faux pas today.  That’s okay…I never was a fashionista…and while I have gotten a bit better at dressing myself, I wonder sometimes what goes through my head when I am packing up my gym bag before bed.  I am wearing light coloured clothing that is actually a bit too big…but very comfortable and for whatever reason I brought black socks with my black flats.

Now the hair today looks like birds made an attempt to build a nest then said ‘Screw it.  Back to the trees.’  I suppose if I am going to be a fashion disaster, might as well be consistent…and you will be happy to know I am negotiating a time for the much needed hair maintenance.

I had a good workout this morning, though I am little sore from yesterday.  I have been incorporating some Pilate moves into my routine and boy, can I feel it in my gluts (a.k.a. bum).  As they say…you gotta feel the burn.  These days though the muscles stay tight for a few days and scream at me “What are you doing to us woman?”  Then they just kind of give up and once again surrender to gravity.  I am not making it easy for them.

I will toddle off to the washroom and just tuck the hair back today.  The office is a bit of sauna today, so the hair really won’t stand much of a chance.  We have been having issues with the air conditioning.  I find in the winter the air conditioner seem to work extremely well.  Not so much when the weather gets warmer.  But it is now pushing close to 80 degrees in here and it is not yet 8:30 AM.  Hard to work when it is this hot.  Yikes!

What is it about office towers and buildings?  It has been a common theme in every building I have ever worked in that the air conditioning/heating always seems to be an issue.

I do have a fan stirring up the air for me just a tad.  I just may get to a point today, if it remains this hot that I will confess to everything because in a way it is a bit torturous.  I am someone who feels the heat.   My body runs hot so once it hits 80, I begin to feel intolerably warm.  Then I turn into a puddle.

I do want you to know that despite all of the above, I actually feel quite fabulous.  And I guess that is the importance of all this, isn’t it?  I am a happy puddle with a partial nest for hair in oddly matched clothing…but the smile on face negates the rest of it.

See you tomorrow and have a great day!


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