What’s the dealio?

I am feeling rather animated today.  It is raining out right now and if I didn’t have to be sitting here preparing for my work day…well, I think I might like to go and roll around in a puddle, just for the hell of it.  Of course this action, as such, might have the general public walking a wide berth around me for fear of catching whatever it is that has inspired me to roll about in a puddle.

But wouldn’t it be fantastic if everyone joined in?  Wouldn’t that just be so completely awesome?

Sadly, I am held back by the same constraints as everyone else is at the moment.  I must look professional.  I doubt the devilish grin on my face right now is very professional.  Oh well.

I had a good workout with my running clinic last night.  We did agility drills.  Boy was I feeling it when I woke up this morning…so I decided to sleep a bit longer and I will hit the gym after work today.  Now there is a concept!  I have not gone to the gym after work in over two years…so a bit of an adventure…changing the old routine up a bit.  And if I want…I can go sit in the steam room with no worries about being rushed. Considering how tight my legs are feeling, this could be a very good thing.

Now I do I a bit of rant that I want to address.

Lizzie Miller, plus size model?

I don’t know if you have viewed this image.  It was in Glamour magazine.  I saw a piece on Facebook after the fact as I do not buy these magazines.  Lizzie is a beautiful woman.  The picture has her sitting cross-legs with only a thong on.  She has a bit of her belly protruding over her thong.  She is a healthy, vibrant, sexy, beautiful woman. She has not been airbrushed.  She is glowing and gorgeous and confident.

Here is the rub!  She is considered fat in the fashion industry!  And I am really sick of the term plus-size model. She is a model.  End of story.

What the hell happened to us? We seem to only accept that someone who is emaciated without an ounce of fat on them as being ‘beautiful’.  They say that beauty is skin deep.  Not so!  Beauty is our life force.  It is that twinkle in an eye.  It is that pirate smile.  It is the woman rolling around in a puddle!

Yet we have it in our heads that in order to be accepted we have to look a certain way.  No.  No we don’t.  We are all unique in our own right and this should be celebrated.  The point is to be healthy.  I just wish we could embrace this fact.

I actually was thinking the other day that this phenomenon of an image driven society may be the result of the advent of  television and movies.  When we started with motion pictures and the like the push was on to find women and men who were pleasing to the public eye.  Hence,  stars were born.  Someone we could emulate and look up to.  Someone who we could aspire to be like.  I think it was Paris that looked into a pond and saw his own reflection and fell in love with it.  Foolish guy, that one. And there is a lesson in there as he never found true happiness, now did he?

I was walking up from the store yesterday at lunch.  A woman was approaching from the other direction.  She was older than me.  Her face bore the lines of time.  She had strawberry blond hair and pale blue eyes.  Our eyes met and we smiled at each other.  She had such a lovely demeanor and quite the sparkle in her eye.  There was a wisdom there as well.  In that moment I wished I had the time to ask her to sit and have coffee with me and find out a bit more about her.  She reflected her age with such relaxed grace and eloquence, and this is as it should be.

We were made differently for a reason.  Let’s embrace this..and if you get the chance…go roll around in a puddle.  I seriously think I need to do this.  Cheerio!



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