Time to get jiggy with it…

Okay…I have been a bit remiss and not really started the 12 week cycle that I had intended…but now it it time to get down to the business at hand.

I ran through a mental checklist this morning while doing my workout.  Sort of a preview of areas that I need to focus on a bit more.  So this is what I came up with.

The good stuff:

1.  I have come to really like myself.  (There will be no ‘buts’ attached to this)

2.  I am an attractive and warm hearted individual.

3.  I am smart and have  great sense of humour.

4.  I have a ton of energy.

5.  I am childlike in many ways.

6.  I have a deep appreciation for this world and everything in it.

7.  I want to share all the love I have in my heart with this world.

8.  I am a good and loyal friend.

9.  I am passionate.

10.  I am a sensual and sexual being.

10. I see the importance of embracing my perceived imperfections.

11. I have worth and I matter.


The stuff that can be improved upon

1.  I can definitely continue to improve on my diet.

2.  I could drink less beer.  🙂  (I might not be as much fun, though!)

3.  I can work harder at the projects that I have initiated and see them through to completion.

4.  I can learn to accept more fully who I am each day.

5.  I can learn to love myself without attaching ‘conditions’.

6.  I have worth and I matter.

7.  No fear.

8.  No shame.

9.  No expectations of self.

10.  Accept myself as a sexual being more fully.

11.  Achieve fitness goals.

I just want to be.  I want to feel that ‘enoughness’.

I have heard this phase quite a bit over this last year.  To get to a state where you have enough of everything.  There is nothing that you need or require.  You just are.  And this is not a material thing.  Not at all.  I have spoken with people and met people who have this aura of such content around them.  This attracts me.  I want to feel that.  I want to get to place where each day is just another gift…where I am just happy and content with who I am and how I conduct myself.  This sounds incredibly difficult.  But a year ago if you had told me I would be where I am now…

There is evolution and there is existence.  I have chosen evolution.  There is this excitement as well.  To know that I am opening up doors that I did not know were even available to me and now I am walking through them.

‘Don’t look back!’

I will continue on.  So now I gotta get jiggy with it…recognize and attain my fitness goals.  Recognize and attain my health goals.  Those are the first two things that I will tackle…and so, let the games begin!  I find as I tackle one area of my life the rest all falls into place as well.  No matter where I focus on, I grow in all areas of my life.  So I will keep on keepin’ on.

Enjoy your day!



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