Friday the 13th….Queue the music

I had a fabulous run this morning.  Oh, it was so beautiful out there this day.  The stillness and quiet I embraced and all I could hear was just the breath coming in and going out of my body.

I am ready for my 10k on Sunday.

No issues around falling asleep last night.  I was tired.  Yesterday it was quite funny actually, I was sitting at my desk working away and the eyes started to close.  We have all had that happen, I am sure.  Your eyelids feel like they are lifting 300 lbs. of weight…and you just cannot keep them open.  So I leaned back in my chair and thought it best to take a wee break.  I think I actually fell asleep as I almost fell out of my chair.  I guess I started to relax too much and started to slide and of course came back to full awakening mid-slide.  I jerked myself upright…then carried on with the task at hand.

Beautiful drive in.  There were pockets of low cloud (a.k.a. fog) so it would be beautiful blue sky, sun shining and then you just drive into the mist…then drive out of it.  So cool.

It is Friday the 13th today.  Spooky?  Not so much.  Interesting how we get strung out about a date.  I always think of the movies that they did by the same name.  I am not a fan of this genre.  Here you have this guy, Jason walking around in a hockey mask, and you know,  he doesn’t move all that fast, yet he catches everyone, kills them and moves on.

These are really silly movies.  You have laugh actually, because if there was a serial killer on the loose in my house or in the general vicinity of my house I would not tell my friends “Let’s split up and look for him.”  I would not go down into a dimly lit basement that had no exit.  I would not run upstairs while said killer was slowly chasing me then fall on said stairs and look back.  Also, I would not stand shaking the handle of the door that was locked…I would unlock the door or I would go through a window.  Also, if I heard a sound I would not investigate it if I knew a serial killer was on the loose.

They can be a bit a gruesome these films. I remember the first time I watched the movie…I was in my 20’s. The first 10 minutes in did it to me.  A cat jumped out of a cabinet and I screamed and nearly had a bloody heart attack and thought…’Okay, not for me.’  So I don’t go for the ‘slasher’ flicks.

I remember someone telling me once that Hollywood had only 12 formats for the movies that they make and they subscribed to these layouts as they are tried and true.  And if you stop and think about it, this makes sense, yes?

In any case, I kind of like the idea of my series that I came up with.

I have a couple of crows sitting out in front of my window at the moment watching me.  They are likely the same two everyday as crows really follow and keep to prescribed patterns.  Interesting birds actually.  But I digress.  Best that I get myself back to the grind.

Have a great day and a fabulous weekend.


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