The Wheel Turns Ever So Slowly

I did not sleep very well last night and I really can’t say why.  Suffice to say, I didn’t do the 5k I originally planned to do this morning, so I will do it on the morrow.  Sleep just seemed to be very elusive to me last night.  A lot of things being tossed around in this grey matter of mine.  Of course, once sleep begins to elude you, the whole psychological thing kicks in.   Then comes the drama in your head of trying to outsmart whatever it is that is keeping you awake in the first place, which ultimately leads to a full blown panic attack that you will never be able to sleep again and you will be ruined for all time and you are laying in your bed weeping hysterically and gnashing your teeth.

A bit dramatic, yes?  Okay, it really wasn’t that bad.  I always liked that phrase ‘gnashing of teeth’.   It sounds so very dramatic.  In my minds eye the visual I get from this phrase is very comical actually.  I see a bunch of people just working their jaw like they are trying to grind down stones.  I love to try and find out how phrases came into being as well.  Many of them make not one lick of sense….and hopefully you just picked up on what I did.  Did you?  Hmmmm?   ‘Lick of sense’…what is this a tasting menu?  What does ‘hearing’ taste like, or ‘sight’ or smell?

Then you have phrases such as ‘quick as a lamb’s tail’.  Personally, when I think of speed I don’t think of a lamb’s tail.

Ah yes, see what sleep deprivation has done to me?  It has me pondering foolish little phrases and trying to understand their meaning when it could have been some drunken bloke who was staggering home from his local tavern one night and in his inebriated state he saw a lamb wagging its tail, or at least he thought he did, and it occurred to him in that moment just how quickly the little thing moved.  Hence, a phrase with no particular meaning was born.  And I am not even sure if lamb’s typically wag their tail.

So this is turning into yet another episode of INSIGHT INTO THE GREY MATTER.  I think that’s what I called the TV series yesterday that I was thinking of initiating.  Hey!  We have all the brains hooked up and we start to feed them nonsensical and meaningless phrases and see how they react!  Which one would go nuts first!  That would be awesome.

I need to get more sleep.

It should be interesting to see what this work day brings.  I may come up with a whole new way of bookkeeping…or I may figure out all the woes of the economy…and we can thank sleep deprivation!

How exciting!  Well, best I get to it.  So for all you sleep deprived souls out there…be creative…have fun…be inspired…and hopefully you will get some sleep!

Enjoy your day….


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