Top of the Day to You!

Good morning!  A grand one it is at that.  I had a very vigorous workout this morning. Really pushed myself.

It started, however,  with me really trying to convince myself to stay in bed.  Had quite the debate with self, I did.  The bed was oh so comfortable and everything was tucked into exactly where it should be.  I told myself that I was running after work, so it wasn’t like I wouldn’t be getting a workout in.  I countered with the reasoning that I am doing a 10K run this up coming Sunday and this part of the training.  But the bed is soooooooooooo comfortable I moaned.  I again countered with the bed is always comfortable.  Damn thing!  Makes it very difficult to rise sometimes.  Logic won out in this little mini-war of mine.  I am training.  I need to stay with the program and the bed is always comfortable.

I think sometimes we just wake up from a wonderful, restful state and we are still partially in them.  That is what is so hard to let go of.

In any case I did what I needed to do.

I went and got my coffee afterward and looked for Cleo.  She hasn’t been there this week and I hope she is okay.  Richard was having quite the conversation with a four year old boy while his mother got her coffee and muffin.  Richard is an older gentleman who is a regular at the coffee shop.  Funny how you see these people everyday and over the course of time you get to know them in five minute increments.  Each day you learn a little bit more about them.

Cleo is a dog, for those of you who have not read previous posts.  She is a beautiful Golden Retriever who is lame in one foot and she is getting on in years.  When I don’t see her for a few days, I always hope that she is well.

Vicky and her dog, Miles Davis have been coming much earlier to the coffee shop.  Sometimes I see them as they are leaving.  That little shift in a routine can change many things.  When Vicky changed her schedule, I found I really missed seeing her.  That warm smile and curious questions that were offered each day.

It is those little interactions with people that I have always enjoyed.

Tonight I will get my run on.  I will be running on Thursday morning this week as I want to give myself a couple of days to rest up for the run on Sunday.  There will be no complacency this time out.  I will prepare as I should for this race.

I hope all of you have great day.  Thanks for stopping by.



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