Walk this way

Upon waking this morning I could feel the hum of the day.  I rolled from my bed and slipped out into the sunshine to go for my long run.  There was a part of me that wanted to think that this has gotten easier but as I was running uphill my muscles were screaming at me at times.  And you know, they used to win and I would stop and walk.  Now I hardly listen to them other than giving them a quick pep talk.  Then they quiet down and get to the business at hand. 

What has occurred is that I have become a better runner.  The route is familiar of course, but ultimately the body has responded to the weekly challenges put forth and become increasingly more efficient in this task.  I got into my zone and just focused on the breath and really liked the feel of how the hips roll.  Movement seems so fluid at this point. 

This morning was a reflective mood for me during the run.  Images of the past slipping in and out consciousness.  Sometimes a smile plays around my lips.  It is still a bit cool in the mornings, though I warm up quickly.  As I was running through Queens Park I was reminded of taking my daughter sledding at another Vancouver park about 15 years ago.  We would pile onto the sled and barrel down the side of the hill until the sled came to a stop.  Now it wasn’t sled in the sense that you could steer the thing.  It was just a piece of  hard red plastic moulded into a rectangular shape that two people can sit on with a litte rope handle on the sides. 

We had gone down the hill several times and we were getting tired but figured we had a few more runs in us.  We were soaked and laughing and cold.  The two us had hiked back up the hill and got seated on the sled…my daughter in front of me and I have my arms and legs wrapped around her and am holding onto this silly little handle.  We fly down the hillside laughing in delight when a tree jumped out in front of us.  The sled had hit a little mogul and changed direction just enough to put a tree smack dab in the middle of our freefall.  I threw my daughter off the sled into the snow but wasn’t able to get myself off in time. 

Smack!  The sled hit the tree and I kind of just crumpled into the snow.  I was laying there looking up at the tree feeling a wee bit dazed.  The sled had flipped over and was somewhere to my left.

“Mom…mom.  Are you okay?”  That small voice so full of concern and I turned my head and looked at her.  Her hair was sticking up on one side and she just looked so  adorable.   I smiled. “I will be fine'”. I told her.  After a few moments we decided that would be our last run for the day.  We made our way back to the car then found a cafe and had a nice big cup of hot chocolate. 

I guess it has all gone by so quickly and continues to do so.  We write the chapters of our lives each day with so many different flavours and colours.  Funny how some memories are so vivid in their telling while others are varying shades of grey.

Is it a life well lived?  I don’t know that yet.  I haven’t finished living it.  Time for me to head back out into the sun and do a few more tasks. 

Enjoy your day.


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