Chasing the moon and the stars

I was out with a friend last night getting caught up over dinner.  At the end of the night I told her that we should go Bungee Jumping when we hit 80.  She laughed and said ‘You’re on!”  Then she quipped, “Do you think we’ll remember?”  I laughed and said ‘Hell, yeah!’

Now interestingly enough, I have a fear of heights.  I have 26 (twenty-six) years to overcome that fear and swan dive off somewhere with a rope tied around my ankles.  I wonder if they have a age limit for people on those things?  Hmmmm.

As I was driving home the moon was playing tag with me behind a thin layer of cloud, so it had that mystical, other worldly feel to it.  Sometimes I have these sensations that I am in a world long ago.  I am laying on top of a hill surrounded by grass that is moist from the dew that clings to each blade.  I am looking up at a carpet of stars.  Beautiful and brilliant!  Those stars are still there but because we have so much artificial light at night, we no longer see the majority of them.  Yet I do remember from my youth of being on camping trips where on a moonless night the sky was this amazing mosaic of various shapes and clusters of light.  Some of it pale and some of it brilliant.

I would wonder at times if anyone was looking back at me.  I still do that from time to time.  I have no doubt in my mind that intelligent life exists elsewhere.  Whether we have been visited by such life, I would take an educated guess and say yes we have.  And in all fairness to these lifeforms, if I were observing us…would I just come on down and say “hello” to us humans.  Considering our rather violent nature toward each other, let alone from another world, I would likely keep myself well under wraps if I were an alien.

Look at the Hollywood variety of alien movies where they come down and basically want Earth and all her glorious offerings.  They even plant themselves inside of us and become us so as not scare us with their reptilian appearance.  Of  course, you always have one guy who comes along and saves everyone and eliminates the aliens who are always so selfish and just so me, me, me.  Sound like any other species we know of ?

I find the crop circles very interesting.  Now it is my opinion that they are in fact a form of writing.  I really think they are a communication of some type trying to share information.  This has become a very popular and viable theory.   If you look at them and then you start to look back at other forms of early expression and numerical values and other formulas….you start to see a correlation between them.  Perhaps the information which is being offered freely could in fact take us to a whole new level in our humanity.  It is obvious we put a great deal of stock into the Mayans’ mathematical abilities to be able to figure out that on Dec 21, 2012 at 11.11 the Sun will be passing the Milky Way’s equivalent of equator.

I really think this is an exciting time.  Looking at how everything is lining up astrologically and the energies that be…and wanting to understand all of this to a higher degree.  Fascinating stuff. Let’s take an interest and start looking at things we cannot explain, not as a threat, but as gift that we just don’t know how to open quite yet.  When we do figure it out, I really think it will quite enlightening.

Enjoy your day everyone….and your night.  If you see the Moon hiding behind a cloud, tell her I said “Hello.”



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