What’s that peeking out from behind that cloud over there?

Good morning Sunshine!  The earth says “Hello”.  Man, I always liked that song but I think it was “Star shine”.  In any case, before I head off into an odd and convoluted conversation with myself about the lyrics, let me tell you it is an absolutely stellar day today in Vancouver!  Crisp at just 2 degrees…but oh, the pink cherry blossoms on the trees and the blue sky and the snow in the mountains.  Springtime!

I had an awesome run last night.  I felt so strong and my speed is actually starting to improve!  I think I am now a 3 zone girl!  Oh yes…you heard it hear first folks.  No more 2 zones for me.  I have gone from SLOWER AND SLOWEST to SLOW, SLOWER AND SLOWEST!  Isn’t that just wonderful?

I am feeling quite giddy actually.  It is great when you pass a milestone toward your fitness goals, isn’t it?  I can say with all honesty now that I am a runner!  Man, that sounds good to the ears.

My workout at the gym this morning was exceptional as well.  The energy that I am feeling right now…well, I do have a lot of work ahead of me.

I just feel like giving the world a big hug right now.  Hey, that’s what we should have!  A world hug day!  Just a bunch of positive energy and love being directed toward everyone.

Now to the more serious side of life.  I need a hair cut…yup.  I was looking at the locks this morning and they are starting to do strange things again. I pulled out the artillery as per usual “helmet head hairspray” to tame the beastly thing.  But the hair gets to a point where it breaks free of the spray.  Oh yes…they have not invented a spray that can tame my  fly by night midnight madness  (a.k.a. hair).

Then it becomes this thing of pulling it back and clipping it up, but tendrils slip out and attack yet again.   And of course, being a woman of a certain age, where this thing about becoming a puddle in the middle of the night occurs….ah, well what can I say.  It’s a good thing I have a sense of humour about this.  I swear I wake up some mornings and it looks as if gremlins have been trying to shape my hair into some strange manifestation of what I don’t know.  You know the best thing…when I sleep on the corner of my pillow and there is a bit of piping that runs along the edge of the pillow case…and sometimes I manage to plant my face squarely into this and when I wake up I have this indentation running down my face for about 1/2 hour.  And I get up and look at myself and say…”I love you.”

Despite my trials and tribulations of being a woman…water and a brush can go a long way toward  a relatively presentable personage.   And yes, I know I said I wouldn’t talk about my hair…but the sun is shining and I thought yeah, I can get away with it just for a little bit today.  Because I do have to start thinking about getting groomed per se.

And I am feeling absolutely wonderful, so I have been very forgiving of my hair.  I forgive it everyday actually.  I mean it can’t help it.  It was born this way.  We have had this love / hate relationship ever since I can remember and I am trying to just love the stuff.  Nothing is going to change.  I am not going to wake up one morning with hair gifted from the gods.  I know and accept this.

Also, you won’t find this girl blowing off a date on a Saturday night just to wash my hair as depicted in the TV shampoo ads.  And while I am on this topic, I would really like a date on a Saturday night.

So on that note I will skip off to work, merrily, merrily…hi ho….hi ho…all that jazz.

Enjoy your day and if there are clouds where you’re at…the Sun is just play a little hide and seek.




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