The shoulder is always open…and I have two of them

Sometimes it is far more important just to very quietly let someone you love know that you are there, and always will be, not by words but just by your presence.  I was thinking this morning how wrapped up we get in our lives sometimes.   Always on the go, always moving.  When someone I care for and love tells me they are hurting, I will drop everything and offer my shoulder and just listen.

Sometimes all we want is to be heard and acknowledged.  There is never anything trivial about someones pain as well.  However inconsequential it may seem, to that person the effect can be devastating.  I know that if someone treats another’ s pain as unimportant or relays the message to ‘just get over it’, this can be very damaging as well.  It makes one feel invisible at times and unimportant.

We are all important.  We all feel.  We all want love and need love.  We all desire touch.  It is part of the human experience, it is part of being the human animal.

We are by nature, social creatures.  Yet we now live in a world that seemingly puts us behind a computer screen, or an iPhone, or and iPad, or some other miraculous piece of technology that we can interact with other humans through.  And yet so many lonely souls.  We are all connected, and it is not the world wide web that binds us.

It is the human emotion known as love that binds all of us.  It does not matter what culture you are raised in or religion for that matter.  They all acknowledge and desire this one thing…love, as do we.

It comes in so many different colours and flavours and shapes and sizes.

One thing that I have learned over the last 1 1/2 years particularly is to not be afraid of it.  Not to fear giving love and receiving it.  To offer it in all its many forms.  I was so afraid of being hurt that didn’t allow myself to be loved in the first place.

The heart is much stronger than I ever gave it credit and the abundance that is there, well I just want to share it.  Funny, I had a conversation with James,  a healer I have been working with not too long ago and I said that I had this abundance of love to give and share and I was afraid that no one would want it.  That is precisely why I have held back.  So I just need to put it out there.

And so I say, “I am here…and I love you.”

Enjoy your day everyone.


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