Still thinking after all these years

Sometimes that buzz in my head can be a bit annoying.  That buzz is the transmission of thoughts from one point to the other in my grey matter that we affectionately refer to as the Brain.  I prefer to think of it as ‘grey matter’.  I don’t know why…I just do.  And I wonder if it really is grey or does it just turn that colour once it is exposed to H2O?  Hmmmm!  Such are the ponderings on this somewhat ‘cloudy with hopes of clearing up’ Friday morning in the always lovely Vancouver.

I love this City.  I was born here.  I have watched her grow over the years, watched her change.  I don’t like all the things that have been done to her.   The very heart of this City still beats with such passion.  Some will tell you differently, but this is my home.  Vancouver is and always has been the keeper of  my secrets.  Her sidewalks and beaches have been showered with my tears.  Her parks and mountains have felt the echo of my laughter.  I have watched thousands of sunrises and sunsets from dozens of different locations.  I have played in the snow and ice.  I have jumped into puddles produced by the rain.

Some say Vancouver is not a friendly City and again, I beg to differ.  We hosted one of the most memorable Olympic events ever.  And it was a love fest from the get go.  On that first night my friend and I sat in the Elephant & Castle having dinner and a pint or two and Jennifer Heil won the first medal for Canada and it was Silver.  The place broke out spontaneously in the singing of our national anthem.

Afterwards we walked up to Robson St. & Hornby St. which is pretty much the City Centre in these parts.  The laser show was fabulous and everyone was hugging each other…it didn’t matter where you were from…you got hugged!  For the next 17 days it stayed that way.  I walked up there every day on my lunch hour just to be part of the energy.  At any given time there was approximately 100,000 + – people in the area of perhaps a 10 block circumference.

I know many heard about the Stanley Cup riot last year, and what I would tell people is that those people were not hockey fans.  They deliberately came out to cause trouble.  What touched my heart more than anything was the next day I walked up on my lunch break, feeling very much heartbroken by what had been done to this beautiful City.  All the windows that had been broken and had been boarded up and people were writing notes of apology to the City.  I waited and indeed wrote my own apology and felt the tears rise.

The ‘Free Hug’ people were on the corner of Granville and Georgia and I got several ‘Free Hugs’.  And don’t you think that is a beautiful sentiment?  To stand with a group of people and offer ‘Free Hugs?

Now that I have waxed poetic about my hometown the sky is clearing and the Sun is sparkling on the new spring growth.  I became a mother 29 years ago.  It was and still is one of the most profound moments of my life.  To have watched that first breath taken, heard that first cry…it feels like yesterday.  The evolution of myself and those around me continues.  I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to take her from child to woman.

And life continues on and the thoughts and musings of this particular human animal continue to whisper thru the grey matter that is always absorbing the different forms of stimuli being offered.

Enjoy your day, where ever you may be.  This little blue dot that we live on is really quite extraordinary.


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