Spring has sprung…kinda

I admit that I was a bit complacent with my 8K on Sunday.  Having run farther distances than that, I assumed it would be easy.  Had I rested up in the manner that I should have then it would have been a very strong run.  I did not do that, however, so that lesson has been learned and duly noted.  I need to respect the distance regardless of the length.

Last night I had a fabulous run with my group.  We did hills last night so I pushed myself.  I decided to make up for Sunday just a bit and really challenged myself.  It is a good run that helps to really build up your stamina.  Our warm up run is all uphill.  We stretch at the base and then we do what Lara calls ‘Up & Over’s’.  We run up two city blocks.  It levels off at the top of the second block then we jog back down and repeat five times.

The nice thing about the warm down is that it is all down hill.  I find when I do these type of runs I gradually become stronger as I run.  By the end of the drill I was pumped up, baby!  I was in the zone and then some.

At the gym this morning I decided to cut my workout a bit  short and take a steam bath.  My muscles have been a little tight and wow, did that do the trick!  I will have to do this more often.  I came out into the fresh morning air.  It always smells so good after a rain.  The cherry blossoms are starting to pop out.  It is a beautiful sight to see when all the pink cherry blossoms bloom  in Vancouver.  Still a bit cool but the crispness that was hanging in the air a few weeks ago seems to have softened considerably.

Just to wrap up the previous 12 week optimum health plan and some of the things I learned over the course of that time before I start fresh:

1.  Respect the body and its resilience.  Take care of the body that houses your spirit.

2.  Forgive and respect yourself…this will transcend to those around you and beyond.

3.  Just because you deviate from the plan, don’t give up on the plan.

4.  Appreciate the fluid nature of the body and how it moves.

5.  Appreciate your connection to the world around you.  You are never alone.

6.  Be grateful for this moment.

7.  Let go of ego, nourish acceptance of self.

8.  Live from the heart.

Yes, some very intense lessons have come to light in the first 3 months of this year.  Now I hope to build on that.  Now I hope to incorporate this ideology not as a concept but as a reflection of who I am.

I could have told you how much weight I lost, I could have told you how many inches I took off…I could have told you how many calories I ingest in a day.  That is not relevant.

I am well on my way to achieving my goal weight.  By this summer I will have reached that goal.

What I have taken from this exercise is the knowledge that has been gained by looking at what I put in the body, and on the body.  What I feed the head and what I feed the heart.  What I have gained is acceptance and appreciation for my physical and spiritual self and everything else in between.

An iron grey sky gazes back at me through the window.  The trees are sprouting new shoots and pink cherry blossoms are peeking through.  Spring is making a comeback.

Enjoy your day!


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