Work…why do we do it?

I am sooooooo looking forward to my run tonight.  I have had a couple of extremely busy days doing work I don’t usually do at my office  and meeting deadlines that are unusually demanding.  Now I am great in stressful situations, but I tell you today was just nuts and in the back of my head I kept wondering why we were doing this.   At the end of the day I guess we do it just because.  The sun is starting to peak out and now that the mad rush is over, and we did what we needed to do to the best of our abilities, all you can do is smile sit back and get drunk.

I am kidding about that, however, if I did want a drink we have Tequila in the kitchen here at work as well as beer and wine.  So if I really need to toss one back, I could.  They started a tradition in this firm, oh I don’t know, 20 some odd years ago I am guessing.  The place has been around for 50 years, but I digress.  On Friday’s at 4:00 PM everyone is poured a shot of Tequila…if you want one…there is beer and wine that we can have as well and snacks are put in the kitchen as well just to raise a glass for a week of good work.

Ordinarily I don’t partake in the this exercise.  There have been a few occasions though when I had a day much like today and did imbibe.  That is very rare though.  I love a challenge but give enough time to do a good job is all I ask.  Time was certainly a deciding factor today.

I did get my workout in this morning and I am feeling quite peppy this week.  Lately, I have been just steamrollering along…and I am thinking I need to slow down just a tad.  After this week the pace should slow considerably.  I also want to be able write a bit more and have some fresher ideas than why I only have one nerve left that is working…and its about to go off.  The best way really to reduce stress is to breathe and get out and exercise a bit.  Does wonders.  So while I jest about my nervous condition…I seriously do not have one…I am just being cheeky. But at this point…the brain function is on autopilot and I don’t know half of what I have written just now, but I think this is some sort of rant about having to use several brain functions all at the same time.

I can do this but it is quite another thing when you are trying to push a month’s worth of effort into 1 1/2 days.  Because we should have had a month to do what we just did.  So I am ranting nonsensically.

I was thinking just this moment how nice it would to be laying on a massage table and have a really cute guy give me a rub down.  But come to think of it, I might well find that more stimulating than relaxing.  Okay…now I am getting far too cheeky so I will go make myself a cup of tea and contemplate the universe at large.  Toodles!


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