The 11th Week…..

I am almost at the end of the 11th week of my original optimum health plan….and I will just continue on.  I will likely hit the 15 lb. mark in terms of weight loss.  Not bad.  It truly does take longer to lose it when you get older,. For the record, I have not been the delightful little hermit I had intended to be over this time frame and I have socialized a wee bit more than I had anticipated but that’s okay.   And you know something, I am certainly appreciating the body that houses me a hell of a lot more than when I was younger.   I will keep whittling away until I achieve my goal weight which is a healthy weight.  Ultimately I will be in the 145-150 range which is perfect.

I have not worked out at my usual level of intensity this week.  The flu bug that ran through me last weekend really sucked a lot of energy out me.  I am a stubborn one.  I don’t like being sick and I foolishly expect my body to just bounce right back.  Doesn’t work that way.  Yesterday I did hit the gym.  My workout was okay but I just found the energy waning considerably.  So I did not run this morning.  I will run my long run tomorrow morning.

In one week I will be doing my first race of the year and I want to ensure that my energy levels are back to normal.  I have a tendency to NOT listen to my body in these cases so I am now making a concerted effort to really pay attention.

I have had an inordinately busy week and the one to follow will be just as intense.  That’s okay. I like to be busy but I know too, I need to slow down just a bit.  I feel like a sponge these days.  I just want to soak up every little bit of knowledge and stimuli that I can.  I am exploring so many things these days and there is this part of me that fears if I don’t absorb it all now, then I won’t have the opportunity again.  It is a strange sensation really.

Kind of like waking up one day after a lifetime and realizing you have never really lived and then trying to jam all missed moments and opportunities from that lifetime into one single day.  I need to slow it down and really enjoy each new thing I expose myself to, otherwise I will miss everything.  That said, the awakening has been extraordinary.  To feel the vibrancy and vitality of this life force that surrounds and embodies me, bringing me to full awareness has been fantastic and I want that connection all the more.  It excites me now.  I feel like I have discovered this secret that was right there before me all this time and I just never noticed it.  Now I want to tell everyone about it on one hand but at the same time….I don’t know…

I must embrace my fears and accept them.  We tend to reject and try to move away from them.  I have spent a lifetime trying to separate myself from all my fears only to realize, and just recently at that, by embracing them and accepting them I diminish their ability to halt my progress and my growth and they don’t seem quite so scary anymore. It is an interesting realization.

I have  a busy weekend coming up.  I hope all of you enjoy yours as well.  Let’s go play, shall we?



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