Chased by the Sun

My run was pretty good with my clinic last night up until I kind of just lost all my energy.  I guess I still am recovering from my little bout with the flu.  We did Circuit training last night.  It was comprised of 3 sections.  Agility drills, Hills and Strides.  This was a stamina building, cross-training runners dream of a workout.  I love the Circuit training that we do.  I made it through the Agility Drills and the Hills and let me tell you, I was smokin’ it.  I was feel strong and I was in the zone, baby!  We got to the last circuit which was to run strides 100 yards, then jog back to start and do this 6 times in total.

I started off good and strong and then the knees just turned to rubber and I totally flatlined.  So I decided this morning to give myself one more day off to rest up and get my strength back.  I mean, my workout yesterday was quite mediocre.

I am driving into work this morning heading West into the City.  Clouds are covering the sky in front of me.  Dawn is about to break.  I look in my rear view mirror, and my God!  The sun is starting to peak out over the horizon.  I smile.  The effect is glorious.  As the Sun continues its ascent in the next few minutes, the light it sheds on the cloud cover is a domino effect.  So this colour is being infused into the clouds and it is as if it is chasing me!  Absolutely spectacular!  And then in a heartbeat the Sun moves above the the clouds and all the colour just disappears.  I love the transition of night to day and day to night.  I always have.

A friend of mine on Facebook posted a piece about the “I want” syndrome.  Her wants are not self-directed and I really liked what she wrote.  My suggestion was that we all do one little thing to try and make a difference and I shared with her the little thing that I do and why.  I will share this with you.

Enjoy your day1


Nancy Pilling

I think if each of us adopted perhaps one small thing to do…it might add up to a great big thing, yes? Something that I have been doing for several years now is if someone asks me for spare change (I don’t give money because if they are an addict then I know where its going and I don’t want to enable their habit) I will take them and buy them a sandwich, a coffee. Just try to make them feel a bit better. I started to do this after meeting a young man who was dying of AIDS about 12 years ago. A very articulate, intelligent person who made a bad choice that cost him his life. The sad thing is that his family, friends…everybody turned their back on him, what with the hysteria surrounding AIDS at that time. When I met him he had not eaten that day. I didn’t have any spare change so I took him and bought him a sandwich and a coffee. When I left I gave him a big hug. He cried so much Kim, and he told me that no one had touched him in over a year. That had a really powerful effect on me. Someone once said to me that I was his angel and just smiled and said, No…he was mine.

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