This is a heated rant…

My weekend was good for the most part…I got a lot done. I have had a 24 hour flu bug rip through me rather quickly so I refrained from going to the gym this morning as I am still feeling a bit weak.  That said, I had a great run on Saturday morning  One thing that struck me on Saturday as I ran through Queen’s Park is how fragile the trees can look in the daylight.  As stated previously, in the dark of the morning they take a whole new feel and look.  I was very aware of this as I was running on Saturday so I found the shift in perception quite extraordinary. I just wanted to share that bit with you.

I have two weeks before I do my first race which is only an 8K but I do want to do The Sun Run (10K) in under an hour this year so doing an 8K three weeks prior should give me a good indication of where I am at.

This weekend I met with a woman from one of my writing groups to discuss publishing and agencies and all that good stuff.  She is very knowledgeable and very passionate about the written word.  I could well have sat there all day talking with her, however, I did have plans for the evening.  One thing she brought up that we discussed was Rush Limbaugh’s latest foray into stuffing his feet further down his mouth and further up his ass.  Quite the feat if you think about it. I truly hope he chokes on it on both ends.

She told me about the young woman testifying to keep birth control available to women in the USA through insurance plans as provisions were being discussed to allow the insurance companies to opt out of paying for this.

That in this day and age we are having these types of debates just floors me, yet it does not surprise me.

What really pissed me off was his comments that this young woman was a slut and / or prostitute because she was using birth control.  I am so sick of these derogatory remarks toward women.  That fat bastard can swallow all the Viagra he wants, and you can bet his insurance company is paying for it, and he can go out and screw around just much as he wants but God forbid, a women should actually have a choice regarding her sexual and physical well being.  To imply that this young woman should be supplying videos of herself having sex because after all she ‘prostituting’ herself by using birth control just goes beyond the pale.

And this man’s talk show has one of the highest ratings in America.  That frightens me.  This man is a backward thinking moron and I am being extremely polite when I say this.  The expletives that first surfaced when I began to write this post, well, I have opted for the higher road and will not reduce myself to such reactive and base language.  I am angry.  I will tell you why.

Why is it wrong if a woman wants to have one partner or several?  As long and everyone consents, I don’t see what the problem is.  I also support workers in the the sex trade industry…if they choose to be there.  There are several men and women who have made the choice to work in this area and they take what they do very seriously and view it as an essential service. For many of them they find their profession very empowering and rewarding.

I don’t agree with people being coerced through abuse, manipulation or addictions to work in the industry.  That is a whole different animal.  And most who are willingly in the sex trade industry will tell you that they don’t want to see people being coerced through abuse, manipulation or addictions in the industry either.

I am so very sick and tired of the Rush Limbaugh’s of this world continually degrading and demoralizing women.  If I walked out of my office at this moment and decided I want to have sexual relations with the next 10 men I met and they were willing…why the hell not? Are you going to label me a slut?  Does it make me any less intelligent?  Does it make me any less of a contributing member to this society?  Does it make me somehow immoral to be that open and bold?  No.  It makes me human.  And I am a very compassionate and caring individual.  I have an abundance of love in my heart and that is what I want to share with this world. And I do try to make a difference.  I do try to reach out.  I do try to be part of the solution.

On this Monday in Vancouver…as Winnie the Pooh might say…it is a blistery, blustery day outside.  The wind has kicked it up a notch or two and the clouds are looking like they are going to open at any moment and begin to cry rivers.

Oh, how I want to see us move away from such rhetoric. One can only hope that Mr. Limbaugh’s days are numbered.


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