These times….women and men….

It is an interesting day today.  I was thinking about this at the gym this morning and its meaning.  Today is the 47th Annual International Women’s Day.  We have come a long way on some fronts but on others well, we are a work in progress.  I was thinking about the necessity to actually have a day set aside to celebrate women.  This in my mind, should be a daily occurrence.   I have told my daughter that women have only had the vote in Canada for a very short time and that she should always exercise that right.  I have explained that not so long ago women were considered chattel or ‘owned’ by men.  There are still many countries today where women are considered second class citizens and don’t have the rights and freedoms that we currently enjoy.They don’t have the opportunity to get an education and they don’t have the opportunity to control certain events, such as childbearing and their own sexuality.

I am saddened by this fact.  I feel we should be at a level in our evolution where we accept each other as equals.  What remains is that there is still so much disparity between the sexes…and I wonder why that is.

Messages it seems, get so mixed up between women and men.  I am a single women of let’s say a mature age, whatever the hell that means.  I would like to meet someone and we seem to have made it very difficult to do this in our society.  We have internet sites and matchmakers and speed dating.  And I am not too sure just what face I am supposed to show.  I am not too sure what I am supposed present to this world.  Much of it at times seems very exaggerated.  Perhaps I am just afraid.

I was speaking with a young man a few weeks back who was of Indian decent.  His parents had arranged his marriage.  He had been in contact with her for two years but had only met her about 6 months ago and they had only met up about 4 times.  He is born and raised in Canada…and he does not want to marry her.  He has no attraction to her and he was feeling really torn because to refuse he would ‘dishonour’ his family.

The woman was from India.  She fully accepted her roll.  Did not question it at all.  A part of me really felt bad for her as I was talking to him.  If they do marry she will never know what it is to be loved.  I would hope that in some sense he would be gentle and caring with her but his attitude about the whole thing belied that he would afford this to her.  My advice to him was to do the right thing and not marry her.  I told him that she deserved to be happy just as he did and if he was this adamant against this marriage now, it was doubtful his opinion would change.

Oddly, however, I see that the ‘blame’ for this event not taking place being placed squarely on her shoulders.  And I suppose I don’t understand the arrangement of such events.  It is a totally different culture but I often see that women have little or no say. They are there simply there to please and care for the men.

This should be a mutual event.  We should be taking care of each other.  We should be honouring each other.  There should not be violence directed to either or.  There should not be forced servitude in a sexual manner.

Women….we are beautiful creatures.  Diverse and unique in oh so many ways.  We come in a varitey of shapes and sizes and so we should.  To all of you gorgeous creatures….get out there and celebrate your femine prowess, your sexuality, your wisdom and the love you hold in your heart.

To all the men out there…know that we love you as well…and please, show us the love and respect we so deserve.



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