I am feeling somewhat subdued today and I am not too sure why.

Great work out this morning and I had a great run last night.  We did intervals (speed training) again.  The format that our run leader set up was much more effective than the regiment we did a few weeks back.   So I will pass this one along to you in the event that you are a runner or you are planning on running and you want to integrate new drills into your training.

This one goes as follows:

– 10 minute warm up run

– 1 x A, B, C’s  (if you are not familiar with these A’s are when you bring your leg up in a marching style…you can add a hop – 30 strides like this; B’s are a canter step…your leg does a kick up and back in – 30 strides and you can add the hop to this as well; C’s are when you are kicking back (trying to kick your butt).  You can hold your hands behind you and and do quick pace with this – 30 strides as well)

– 3 x 75 Strides (if you are not familiar with this the format is 25 easy strides, 25 medium strides, 25 fast strides…jog back to start and repeat two more times)

– 2 minute easy jog

– 4 x 90 second Speed Drills (on this the idea is to do the first 90 seconds at 85%, 2nd at 90%, 3rd at 95% and the last one at 100%.  Remember the 3 minutes of recovery between each of these sessions)

– 3 minute recovery between each 90 Second drill

– 10 minute warm down and stretch

So that is it and I found that as I increased my speed by the end of the drill I just kept running and got into a really good groove.  Again I felt like I kept building up my stamina to a point where I really just wanted to remain in a Zone 3 pace for quite some time.

As for feeling subdued…I think I have had a lot on my mind lately.  I have, over the course of this last year, been dealing with some deeply personal issues and at times it is really hard to stay upbeat and bubbly and positive.  Sometimes I guess I just have to release the emotions that have been bottled up for a lifetime.  As well, I always try to do this in a measured and controlled way.  I know this sounds rather odd but when I am trying to get rid of some emotional baggage the last thing I really want to do is just lose control.  That scares me a bit I suppose.

I see myself as a free spirit and I just want to be able to put that side of myself out there without any fear.  Tough thing to do.  At least for me.  If I feel any negative emotional pain being directed toward me (real or imagined) I will become defensive.  I can be a little too sensitive at times.  That is the tough part in all this is just working through it. Of not recoiling…of not throwing up the walls and pulling out the artillery.

I hope that in time this will be easier to do.  I am sure it will but I will soldier on through this.

Try the run if you get the opportunity.  It is a good one.  I found it went really fast as well.  Enjoy your day.



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