Grapes, gripes and gropes….

I am sitting in my office on this Monday morning having a bit of fantasy time before starting the day’s work. I am nibbling on some delightful red grapes.  Now a glass of wine…I think a rose would go quite nicely…a really beautiful man massaging my toes…a little more to the left, please…up a little higher, yes…a little higher…and…  Ahem.  Okay back to the other train of thought.

Great workout this morning.  I did run Friday and Saturday morning and that worked out very well actually.  I am feeling sooooooooooooo good when I run now.  I am loving it, loving it, loving it!  I had yet another Rocky moment.  This was in Yoga on Friday night.  I was able to do the Bow…and what that entails is laying on your stomach and grabbing your ankles and arching up on your stomach, kind of boat like.  Now I was not able to arch too much, but it has been years since I was able to do this…where I could actually grab my ankles.  Again I am amazed by the body’s resilience. These are the little victories.  These are the little blessings. These are the moments when I feel like I am being given a gift of sorts. And in many ways I am.  I certainly appreciate this body that houses me so much more.

In our youth I think we take for granted  that the body will always just be able to do whatever we want it to.  Unless you nurture and take care of yourself, eat well, rest well, love well the physical body along with the other aspects such as emotional and mental well-being can deteriorate.

I will keep this post short today as the pile of work that is currently trying to catch my attention…which now it has…awaits me.  On this Monday as the work week begins I am thinking of some of the great conversations I had this weekend with some of the wonderful and diverse people who are in my life.  Of the new friendships that are found and the old ones that are rekindled.

My biggest complaint would be that there is NOT a beautiful man massaging certain parts of the anatomy at this moment.  But then, getting  any work done just might be difficult.  Sigh!

Enjoy your day everyone…this fantasy has been brought to you by…hmmmm…need to find a sponsor.



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