The Groundhog lied….

Interesting drive in this morning.  I slipped into my gym gear…headed out the door at 5:20 AM.  Last night there was a snow fall warning in effect.  Ha…I think.  No snow.  Ten minutes into my drive to downtown Vancouver, I hit the blizzard.  Get onto the highway and now we are in double blizzard mode.  I am thinking how strange it is to see snow at this time of year but when I think back to a year ago the same thing happened.  I am smiling though, as we complain bitterly about such events.  It wreaks havoc on us for a few hours…sometimes it sticks around for a few days.  We are quite put out by this up here in Vancouver.  The rain we accept…we are in a rainforest after all.

You see, we have this deal with the snow.  It is supposed to stay in the mountains.  That way if we want to frolic in it, we will happily do so.  Every now and again the snow decides to seek acknowledgement and slap us around a bit.  Boo, to this I say.

And as I write this…gazing out my office window, the snow has pretty much disappeared.  So perhaps it just wanted to tease us today.  I really don’t like these little mind games the weather is playing but I guess I will just have to live with it.

Now, what is our friend the Groundhog up to these days?  Early spring?  Really?  I certainly hope he’s not going to start playing mind games as well.  Perhaps he’s in collaboration with the weather.

Ah yes…we do like to complain about the weather, don’t we?

Now that I have amused myself with this little rant, I will say that my work out was fabulous.  I am really working on the core.  I know that beneath my jiggly parts is a rock solid tummy!

I am incorporating a lot of new things into my routines and I am happy to say that I am down another 1.6 lbs.  So I have hit the 10 lb. marker.  It is coming along and I know, particularly the area I am wanting to lose from, can be quite challenging for women in general.  So I will keep it up.

I had a great run last night.  We did hills so the focus was on stamina.  I really focused on my breathing and form.  I know that when I keep those shoulders down and head up and keep my steps quick and light I definitely have more power and drive to work with.   It was cold out. Took a while to warm up but once I get warmed up I actually appreciate the frigid temperatures.

I find when it is warm out sometimes the heat can be very draining.  I tend to perspire more and lose a lot more water.  The cool air helps to keep the body temperature lower so I am not expending as much energy or at least it seems that way.

In any case I must now get some work done.

I am sure they have done a study on how often our friendly varmint the Groundhog has been correct in his predictions.  Still, the ‘experts’ said we were in for the mother of all winters and that has not happened either.

Enjoy your day!


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