You should see the view from here….

What an absolutely beautiful morning!  It is a chilly one.  Minus 4 degrees and a blue sky with wispy white clouds scattered across it.  The mountains look magnificent dressed in white.  Freshly fallen snow that looks like icing sugar has been sprinkled on top of them.

I had a great workout this morning.  Didn’t run this weekend though.  I am going to look at running Tuesday, Friday and Saturday rather than Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.  I tend to go to bed rather late on Saturday night and find it challenging to get up and go for a run at times.  I was at a workshop both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend so I would have had to get up at 5:45 AM on Sunday morning…and I did set my clock…but the bed convinced me to stay tucked in for another hour.  In any case, last week saw no change in my weight…but I have indulged a bit…it was my birthday after all last week.  I have socialized a bit more as well.  I tell you, the idea was to be a bit of a hermit for the first 12 weeks of the year.  I would in that time, focus on diet and exercise, which I have done and continue to do, and to work on my book….which I am doing as well, though not quite as much time being afforded to it as I would like.  Still the first 6 weeks have been quite successful and after week number eight now I am down 9 lbs.  and holding.  I have looked over my records that I am keeping to see where the most success was in terms of menu planning and which weeks garnered the best results.  This was the idea in the first place.  I will keep moving ahead.  I am feeling incredibly strong these days, I must say.

The workshop I did this weekend was personal development and I really feel I walked away with a kinder and gentler heart.  Feeling more confident in showing the world who I really am and not hiding behind the facade of who I think the world wants to see.  Always interesting these perceptions we have, of how we are conditioned.  At times,  some of the exercises we did were emotionally draining…but at the end of the day I did feel that I had lightened my personal burden that I have carted about all these years significantly.

I am sometimes quite amazed at when you get together with a group of people you don’t know, all of you with the purpose of wanting to expand your humanness.  All of you wanting to develop your sense of self to an even more compassionate and gentler level of being.  It just amazes me at how openly we share the love we feel as we move through the process.  Yet at times, those closest to us…we find it so difficult to express this emotion.

I am rather introspective today, thinking about some the things I experienced and some of things I shared in with other participants.  It is a beautiful thing to know that the great healer has and always will be love.  That if we opened ourselves to this without fear of being hurt, without fear of being misused, without fear of being rejected…just think how beautiful this place would be.

To all of you I send you this wish that you might open your hearts as I do mine…that we might share in this energy and accept each other just as we are.

Have a wonderful day!


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