A lesson or two…

Slipping out into the rain this morning for my run was very rejuvenating.  It is, of course, still dark out but there was something very cleansing about having the sweat immediately washed away.  I was thinking about the trees this morning as I ran past them…how long they have been here, what they have seen.  The history and knowledge that is stored in them.   They are these silent sentinels that provide such an essential element to our life force.  They are so beautiful in the dark of night.  They take on these shapes that are sometimes very intimidating and at other times very inviting.  They evoke and display a wide range of emotions or at least to me they do.  I would look at the shape and see what my imagination could conjure and let me assure you, I have a very healthy imagination.  I could feel my spirit horse with me…and at times imagined being in a world long ago.  I really got into the zone and a total awareness of the world around me.

I can do the hills very well now….I am not having to walk up them.  I can feel the strength…I can feel power of movement and I embrace it.  I never run with music though  I know a lot of people that do and if that is what does it for you, I can dig it.  But I think perhaps my view of running may be a little different simply because of some of the lessons that have come my way in this life. I cherish this movement.  It just blows me away the doors and avenues that have opened to me since I began this again.

For someone else, it may be playing an instrument or singing…any number of things that you may have a passion for.  And it is having that passion, it is having that freedom of expression through whatever form you choose that will connect you to the rest of this world and how you communicate to it.

For me it is running along in the wee hours with fanciful images dancing through my head and note of acknowledgment in my heart.  For me it is the simple interaction with the elements that we all share that releases this childlike exuberance within.  For me it is that feeling of being alive and vital that is so base and simple.  I just love it.

So on this rainy Friday, I encourage everyone to go out and find their passion and play with it.


One thought on “A lesson or two…

  1. love your blog and how you put your expressions together..it’s like listening to a poet reflects on nature and life! thank you for sharing your passion and zest for life! you are remakable and awesome!


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