54 going on 16….

Okay, by the title you may have guessed that I am marking yet another year on this Earth.  So the day has started quite grand, I must say.  I got my workout in and that felt fabulous.  Last night my run with my group was fabulous and re-affirmed that I will never be able to sprint, which is okay, because I kind of like to enjoy the scenery and you can’t really do that when you are trying to run at light speed.  All kidding aside, I have gotten a wee bit faster but I like to canter along at an easy gallop.

So I finished my workout…and the hair turned out, you guessed it…fabulous.  The sun is shining…I mean it just does not get any better than this.  Why can’t every day be my birthday? Mind you that would make me 19,710 years of age if it was my birthday everyday.  Then I really could say I look good for my age.

I am feeling decidedly rather juvenile today, or at least more so than usual.  That happens when you get older though or at least I am hoping this is what is supposed to happen.  Since I entered my 50’s, mentally I have been regressing in age.  I just tend to be a bit more childlike.  Or perhaps the grey matter is beginning to diminish…but I don’t think so.  I just think since I entered this era of my life I have come to appreciate little things like getting caught in the rain or playing in the surf by the ocean or dancing down the aisle in the supermarket.  Just those little inconsequential little things that in my youth I would not have dared enjoying in a public setting because I would not have wanted to embarrass myself.  Now I know there is nothing to be embarrassed about because I am just enjoying a moment.

So my advice would be to enjoy your age whatever it may be and enjoy each moment as they unfold and don’t be fearful to embrace  a moment of spontaneous combustion.  It can be wonderfully liberating.

Off to work I go….:)


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