Monday….I think this day gets a bad rap.

What is it about Monday’s that we dislike so much?  Is it that we are back to the ol’ grind?  That we have to head out and start earning our 78.5 cents per day once again?  I think I would like to see us change how we do things in the business world, but some of the ideas I have are relatively radical in their context.  Perhaps I will explore these ideas further in a new blog.  Monday does get a bad rap though.  They do these studies and statistics saying that people are more likely to die on a Monday.  Really?  Is that imperative to our existence to know the day of the week we are most likely to flatline on?

I am sometimes quite amused and befuddled by the studies and research that is undertaken in this vein.  Some of the information, well I just can’t help but wonder why it is necessary or relevant.  In any case, I am drifting off topic here a bit.

I had a really good weekend.  Didn’t get a whole lot done around the house but had a lovely dinner out with my daughter and her boyfriend.  Because I imbibed a wee bit two weeks in a row,  I am tacking on a few more weeks to the 12 week plan.  I didn’t deviate too much but a little and this is going to be a lifestyle thing in any case but in terms of getting to the optimum health goal…I will likely need an additional few weeks.  After 6 weeks I am down 8.5 lb.  Not bad.  Another 27 lb. to get to goal weight.  The fact that I am an older woman makes it a bit more of a challenge.  Still I am up for it.  At this pace I will need about another 15 weeks to get that goal.  That’s okay.  I am determined to get a clean bill of health by year’s end and go off the medication that I am currently on.  I will have to go through the nuclear test on the heart once more to ensure that everything is okay….so I fully expect that the results will be extremely good at that time.

I do know that since the surgery my breathing while running has improved dramatically.  Funny, I never realized that there was a problem, but the before and after effect is quite dramatic.  I can actually pinpoint where I would begin to get a little breathless when I was running and end up stopping and walking it out for 20 or 30 seconds to recover…then start up again.  At that time I thought it was just a progression and that eventually my recovery time would improve and my stamina and endurance would get better as well.  But I can see now how the issues surrounding my heart were actually effecting me.  No, I wasn’t having any pain.  I wasn’t having any shortness of breath.  The shortness of breath would occur once I had pushed myself physically as in running.  So of course, I figured it was simply because I was pushing myself physically.  And the improvement I saw from when I first started to run again back in 2010 to just prior to the surgery in December 2011 was dramatic in and of itself as well.  Still, it is very interesting to see the difference that it has made.

I had a good workout this morning.  I am really focusing on the midsection these days and trying to tighten up that area.  I know I have to work on the upper body as previously stated…so I am kinda working my way up. I am adding new exercises to the mix and want to have a different workout for each of the four mornings that I am there.  So still need to add a few more new ones to the mix.

There is fresh snow up in the mountains this morning and it is actually not too bad of day out there weather wise.  I am going to get to my day’s work now.  I want my work life to be really organized as well…sometimes a challenge when those you work with are not like minded in that sense. You can only do so much in that regard then comes compromise.

I am reminded just thinking about the Monday comment I made that we often times worry about things that are inconsequential.  So I am trying to just be in the moment as it happens and looking after the things that I can look after and releasing that which I cannot look after to the universe for assistance as everything works out eventually.

Enjoy your day!


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