Shades of Grey…

Good morning.  I got my Friday morning run in.  This is just a 5k route, but good enough before heading into work.  It wasn’t raining, was cool but not cold and I felt fantastic.  There is something about running in the early morning hours that really speaks to me.  Perhaps it is the stillness, perhaps it is the quiet.  On mornings such as these I can hear my breath, or perhaps I am just more attuned to it.  There is an awareness that I don’t get when I run with my group or if I run a little later in the day.  Perhaps it is because I have just slipped out of bed and am still shaking the last vestiges of sleep from me as I start out.  That just may be it…that I am waking with this world…a new energy force is emerging as we enter each day, so interacting with it in this manner is particularly powerful for me.

And yes, I had a great run.  My form is feeling extraordinarily good.  When I do note that my posture is not quite where I want it I correct it and I am becoming far more cognizant of this.  I would say it is starting to become automatic for me.  I am actually really trying to adopt this when I walk as well.  I do have rounded shoulders so I need to focus on this otherwise I could have back issues down the road.

The drive into work saw the night transition into day and the sky holds varying shade of grey today.  I was looking at the many different shades and their textures, how subtle some of them are, how dramatic others are.  For that very short period of time as night meets day the appearance of our surroundings can have a somewhat surreal look to it dependent upon the light…dependent upon the clouds or fog or mist that may be present.  There is, it has been in my experience, a moment when everything has a different dimension to it.  Just for those brief few moments it is as if everything becomes very ‘individual’ in nature…very prominent…then relaxes back into the surroundings and blends with it.  I don’t know if this makes any sense at all, but just little piece I thought I would share.

I will go for my long run on Sunday morning.  I will have to use Google Podometer to see about punching it up to 8k from the 7 1/2 k format it is currently at.  I hope everyone has a great day.  Enjoy the many colours that surround you.


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