Winter revisited…

Cleo wasn’t out front of the coffee shop this morning, but Miles Davis was.  The first time I met Miles I asked Vicky, his owner, what his name was.  She smiled and said “What…you don’t recognize Miles Davis?”  He wagged his tail at me raised his white eyebrows.  “Ah…he doesn’t have his trumpet…that’s what threw me off.” I replied.  Now Vicky will tell you that Miles likes to roam the streets of Vancouver, and that she is just along for the ride so to speak.  They share quite a friendship those two and it really is something to see.

My run last night was fabulous.  It cleared up…no rain…but did get quite chilly and this morning it is feeling much like winter again.  Of course, technically, it is still winter and will be for just over another month.  It has that ‘snow’ feel to it though.  The days are getting longer which is nice.  We did circuit training and drills last night over at Kitsilano Beach.  What a view!  The sun had all but disappeared by the time we got down there,  so we had our blinky lights on as we completed the course that had been set for us.  One thing I really have to start to focus on is upper body strength.  I seem to be quite good in the middle and lower parts of the body but not so much in the shoulders and arms.  It may be psychological as well regarding the one shoulder that gives me grief from time to time…so perhaps I should consider physio.

The routine we did is as follows:

Circuit 1 – Hills

Jog down the hill that should be about 400-500 metres in length.  (The grade of the hill can be whatever you deem a challenge)

-Run up the hill and do 20 squats

-Jog back down

-Run up the hill and do 20 pushups (can do on raised surface such as park bench or fence)

-Jog back down

-Run up the hill and do 20 tricep dips (can do on raised surface such as park bench of fence)

Circuit 2 – Strides

-Run 100 strides

-Jog back and 1/2 way back to start do walking lunges remainder of the way or 30 approx.

-Run 100 strides

-Jog back to start, go into plank position on curb and do 20 leg raises

-Run 100 strides

-Jog back to start and go into plank and do 20 burpees (this is where you kick your legs out, then back in and stand arms fully extended, then back into plank, kick legs out and in stand up…etc)

Circuit 3 – Agility Drills

This is to be repeated 2-3 times

-20 A steps (A’s are when you bring the knee straight up then down…in kind of a skipping pattern)

-20 line jumps (this is side ways….you can use an imaginary line or a line in the road, but you step forward and back over this line for 20 steps…jog back and repeat going in the opposite direction)

-20 backward C’s (C’s are when you bring your feet back and try to kick your butt…only you are doing this backward

-20 side shuffle & lunge (five steps shuffling to your left…touch the ground in side lunge…five steps shuffling to your right…touch the ground in a side lunge…repeat doing 10 on each side)

This is the workout.  It is a great conditioning tool…we always run for about 10 minutes before and after these drills as a warm up as well.

Give it a whirl.

I have been really pushing it regarding building up my core at the gym…now I just have to build up the upper body strength a bit more.
I hope you all have a great day.



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