Everbody’s working for the weekend….

What is it about these mythical things we call weekends?  They are supposed to be these days when we pour our existence into having the ‘time of our lives’.  This anomaly must be a North American thing…I am sure.  None the less…it would be interesting to do the research on this.  Now it is a time when social functions are squeezed into mediocrity because of the abundance of them.  The gem of the weekend though is Saturday night.  The date night, the dance night, the movie night, the dinner out, the concert night, the party night.  That stellar night when we all feel, if we are socially acceptable, we should have plans…shouldn’t we?

Not this girl.  The past few years I really have tried to just spread everything out throughout the week.  It is actually quite cool just how much is available during the week.  For many it is that old adage of  ‘not on a work night. ‘  I suppose the reasoning is that we are just too tired from having laboured all day long.  It can be quite fun to get out on a week night though…and I don’t suggest that you go out all the time….but it really does enhance the week to throw in an activity of two during the week.

One thing that I personally have found that has been a very useful tool is the Meet-up groups.  They have virtually every type of group available…and from what I understand this is available everywhere.  Kind of cool how it got started as well.

After 9/11 the first Meet-up group was formed as a support for people in New York.  It has grown to become available worldwide and every topic and interest under the sun seems to be available.  It is a great way to try something out that you have perhaps had an interest in and wanted to see if you would like but not necessarily commit to and usually these do not cost anything or the initial cost is minimal at best.  There are also groups that get together for any number of reasons as well so it can be used as tool to meet with people who have similar interests as you do.  Check it out.

I have found a few things and gone to some very interesting meetups and some not so much.

It is great to mix it up though.   And to all of you…have a fabulous weekend!


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