I won the war with my clock this morning…but really, should I be waking up being totally suspicious of an inanimate object that is supposed to be giving me the queue to rise from my slumber? Probably not…the first thing to pop into my grey matter upon waking was is this really the time…or have you deceived me yet again.  Best to find an alarm clock that is not quite so sensitive to the touch.  In my mind a groggy hand reaching out in the darkness should not have to worry about where it is touching nor how long it is touching…and this pertains to the clock only…quite another story if there is another party in the bed with you…but this is a G-rated post so we won’t go there.

The workout was good.  I really kicked it up with the cardio and am going to incorporate some of the core movements that Lara showed after the run on Tuesday.  I will be bringing plank and bridging into the mix quite a bit and really keep it up with the sit ups and all that good stuff.  So I will rework my regime over the weekend and see if I can come up with a good mix to cover the four mornings I am in the gym.

I am down another 1.5 lb.s  so after 4 1/2 weeks I am down 8 lbs.  Not bad.  It doesn’t come off as easy when you get a little older and in all fairness I did indulge a wee bit last week.  I did go to the little French bistro and had an absolutely fabulous Duck dish.  Of course the portions are never big with French cuisine, however, those sauces…oh yes, those sauces.  But you know this is not an everyday occurrence and I know that over a three month stretch I am bound to have a few nights out.  I just have to make reasonable choices at those times which I really felt I did last Friday.  And this is something that I will continue with after the 12 weeks is up as this is a life style modification on my part.   I have not had a beer since I started this 12 week plan (sigh)….just sipped on the odd glass of red wine.  Though when I have reached my goal, I will allow a certain amount of beer back into my life.  I did not get a chance to have my cholesterol checked last week so I will do so this week.

My daughter came up with yet another fabulous recipe.  This was stuffed Peppers (Red & Green).  She stuffed them with ground chicken (cooked) with corn and onion and seasoning…then sprinkled cheddar cheese over top.  She served this up with a salad.  Very good!  Definitely going to incorporate this dish into the mix.

As  I was getting my coffee this morning I was thinking about the ‘letting go of ego’ thing.  I said my ‘hello’s’ to Cleo then headed back to the car.  I was reading a blog yesterday posted by Shakti Mhi.  She and her husband Pepe (whom I did the drumming class with) run the Prana Yoga College where I do my Yoga class.  She wrote a post about letting go of ego and in her case she shaved her head.  Got rid of all her lovely locks and this woman has fabulous, beautiful hair.  I don’t think I could ever do that….voluntarily speaking.  I mean I look funny with hair…so I think without it I would look quite strange….and I think that my head is shaped rather oddly and of course, this past statement of mine is purely my ego talking which I accept.  So while I think I can definitely let go to some regard…I don’t know that I can ever let go completely. And I guess at the end of the day I am okay with that too.

Interesting none the less.  And you know, there are women out there who look great bald!  So I suppose I will just carry on and try to just live from my heart and keep the ego at bay as much as possible.

I hope you all have a grandios day!


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