A clock by any other name….

Okay…it is official.  I am at war with my alarm clock.

This thing is just silliness personified.  I have complained in the past about it having a time zone button on it….this occurred about a month ago as I recall..but I still made it to the gym because I lost an hour of sleep that morning.  The thing with the snooze button on this thing is if you hold it down for just a nano second too long…it doubles the amount of time you will be snoozing for…hold it for a nano second longer than that and you triple the snooze time.  And that is what happened this morning.

So who created the ‘snooze’ button anyway?  I used to just get up when I had a normal, windup alarm clock that sounded like and air raid siren had gone off in my room.  Of course,  the thing scared the crap out of you and got your adrenaline pumping so it would have been quite impossible to fall back to sleep.  But it got the job done.  It roused you from your slumber…quite rudely and made no apologies for it.

Now it has become this foolish psychological game that we all play with ourselves….set the alarm for this time…even though we don’t have to get up until this time…but hit snooze so that we ‘feel’ like we are getting a few minutes more of sleep.

I mean…I could have gotten up when the alarm went off….I slept really good last night.  But oh no….I had to hit the snooze button which would afford me a few more ‘stolen’ moments of sleep.  Of course, I was a bit too heavy handed this AM and well….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

It is all good though.  I will be doing my dance class tonight…and I will have a walk at lunch. So I will be moving…even though in dance I look rather awkward and jerky.  Trying to find my rhythm…..I have to have some…somewhere.  It has peaked out a few times as it did at the drumming class.  So the quest continues.

My run was decent last night.  I have to ensure that I have carbs for lunch on the days that I run, however, as I started to run out of steam near the end.  I only had soup and crackers for lunch….so I really need to be mindful of that.  It was a beautiful crisp night to be running and my pace was pretty decent.  As stated in previous posts, I am really focusing on my form and keeping my back straight…head up…using my arms.  After the run, Lara discussed core exercises with us and we covered the different types of plank positions and bridging and a few others and she talked to us about breathing exercises and pelvic floor muscle exercises as well.  The importance, as well, of having a strong core and how it will improve your overall stamina when running.

It’s funny…I know a few runners who don’t work out.  They simply run and they always seem to be coming into injuries.  I have been very fortunate in this regard.  If I can remain vertical and no attempts at body surfing are made, then I have been incredibly fit with no injuries.  My knees are holding up pretty good and any pain that exists has in fact lessened as the weight has come off.  I have found that Yoga in particular really helps with relieving any pain or stiffness I might feel and again I attribute this more to my condition rather than what the actual run or exercise session will make me feel.  I like feeling ‘tight’  but I also know that I don’t want to feel too ‘tight’.  Then I could be open for injury.

The rain has returned to the West Coast…but that’s okay.  It can’t be sunny everyday.  If it wasn’t quite so cold out…I wouldn’t even mind getting caught in the rain….but that’s another story altogether.

As for the alarm?

….to be continued.

Have a great day!



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