I just want to beat on the drum all day….

What a fabulous morning!  Again, another beautiful clear blue sky.  When I left for the gym this morning there was sultry full moon to guide my way which gave wake to this splendid winter day.  My work out was decent…I am really thinking of other things to do and I need to really try out some stuff at home and get a feel for it then coordinate said exercises at the gym.  I try to mix it up throughout the week and I try to keep it fresh.  Sometimes the ‘fresh’ part is not so easy to achieve.  The last thing I want is for the exercises to become stagnant.  Still…I am doing things now that I could not do a year ago.  The funny thing about that is a year ago I figured I was just getting to old and just not that agile anymore.  Wrong!  I may never be able to twist myself up into a pretzel…but I am certainly loosening up and it feels really good.

I am running tonight.  We are doing a tempo run and I like this one as well.  This is where we focus on the different zones…there are five in all.  The practice is more focused on pacing yourself which if you are running any distance you know this is a necessity.  How you strategize your run pretty much sums up what tempo teaches.  Get familiar with the various tempos and then put them to use on when and where you should be using them.   One of the really nice things about this route is the view.  We are running over the Burrard St. bridge…then along the seawall then back again.  With today being an absolutely fabulous day out there it will be a great night for a run.

Last night I did an absolutely freakin’ fun thing for the first time.  I went to a drumming class!  Yes…a drumming class.  I have never touched a drum in my life….and am not particularly musical.  Though there are those in my family that are, that  gene missed me.  And while I love music, I have never really given the idea of using an instrument much thought.  It has been in the back of my head to try this for some time now.  There is just something so rudimentary and primal about drums….I think it was probably the very first instrument ever.  And what I learned last night is that drums have their own language.  I attended a class offered by Pepe Danza, who is a master of his craft.  He is off to Bali for three months but told me that a beginners class would be starting up and that should I choose to immerse myself in this venture that I would be in good shape to join his classes upon his return.

And this was fun, more fun….funner than fun…

It was primal and spoke to the animal in me…and I think sometimes we forget that we are animals.  I do believe I even displayed a wee bit o’ rhythm as well.  Banging away on that drum…oh man…I just may have to do a schedule adjustment to include this little gem.

Until later….


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