Sleepy Sunday….

This has been a very laid back weekend.  I met with a friend on Friday night after Yoga at a little French bistro that was absolutely delightful.  Nice to be Zen-ed out and nibbling on such fine fare.  Yesterday morning I got up and did my first 7k run since the surgery and wow…I felt fantastic!  My breathing, I must say, is substantially better particularly on the hills.  I live in New Westminster, BC and for those not familiar with the terrain….this small City about 20 minutes outside of Vancouver proper, sits on the Fraser River.  I live about 3 blocks away from the river.   New Westminster has alot of hills.  The first portion of my run is uphill there is just no way around it.  There are places where it levels off but the warm up is pretty much some form of incline.  So the first third of the run incorporates the hills, the second portion pretty much levels off and the third portion I level off even more then it is downhill from there. 

I could not have asked for better weather.  I got up to a sparkling blue sky and that lovely mist that hangs on the river.  When I was running through Queen’s Park there was mist hanging onto the tops of the trees and that just made me smile.  I love the mood the mist sets.  It makes me feel very playful…it adds this wonderful ambience of a world long ago.  I don’t know if this is just me….but I just love when it is like this.  The air was very cold and crisp….and I love that as well….it makes you feel alive.  And then once you get the heart beatiing and the pores open…..that just feels so cleansing to me.  I found my zone and just got lost there for about 30 minutes.  Feeling the breath moving in and out of my body….focusing on my posture….envisioning that I am running along side a beautiful horse.  And I don’t struggle for breath anymore.  Once I am in the zone it is pure bliss. 

Today is a day off from working out…I had thought about doing the fitness class but I was really enjoying the confines of my bed this moring.  Sometimes just staying snuggled up and drifting between the sleep and awake realms can be most enjoyable.  Yes, there is laundry to be done…yes, there is housework to complete…yes, there is a day that beckons…but sometimes just staying in that warm space can be quite delightful.  I don’t do it often…so crawling from bed at 8:30 AM is a bit of luxury for me. 

My daughter made me a fabulous breakfast of pancakes and scrambled eggs and I will finish my chores then perhaps go down to the river and play around with exposures on the camera.  I have yet another fantastic day out there weather wise.  I hope all of you reading this enjoy your day as well.


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