A fristy frosty morning it is….

What an absolutely beautiful morning!   And my camera is at home.  I really have to make it a point to keep it with me at all times because I am always seeing something really fabulous and making the proverbial “If only….” statement to myself.  The sky is clear in Vancouver…the Lions are covered in white and there is a pink glow on them as the sun begins its ascent.  There is a low fog on the water that makes it seem otherworldly right now.  During the drive in to work….I am at an elevated level and descend into this beautiful mist that…. while it is receding now…just adds that  sense of wonder.  I have this really strong urge to just go and play in it but work trumps play…at least for now.

Next week I will be changing up my running  schedule to three times per week.  I am ready for it.  Today is my zen day…I will be doing Yoga and and the knee is feeling pretty good.  It is probably at about 95% in terms of being completely healed from my fall a few weeks back…though the discoloration is still there.  One thing I am finding being on a blood thinner is that I don’t seem to have to do much to get bruised.  Now the thing is I am one of those people that is constantly smacking into counters….drawers….etc.  Never really thought that much about it in the past.  It was never really an issue…but now I will get up and wonder what the hell I did because I will be sporting yet another bruise.  They don’t hurt…they are just there.  A little annoying actually.  Perhaps I will become a bit more coordinated and mindful throughout this process as well.

It has been a good week.  Next week our run leader, Lara, will be showing us some core exercises that we can add to our work out regime.  I am currently really wanting to step that portion of my workout up a notch.  My daughter showed me this website called Tough Mudder.  They have this event everywhere apparently and it will be happening up in Whistler, BC.  To me I think it a bit nuts and extreme…but that’s just me.  The idea, I suppose, that at the end of this literally grueling obstacle course, and there are 22 obstacles to be completed,  you have to run through live wires and perhaps get shocked with up to 10,000 volts of electricity and run through fire…not my thing.  Still, for many I guess there is some inherent desire to accomplish…challenge themselves at such a level.   But I digress…she showed me the training format leading up to the event…and while that too would be a little bit too much…I could certainly take some of it and modify it to my requirements.  They had this treadmill running thing on there….but I don’t really like treadmill running….but I could do it outside….so I will have to give it a good review on the weekend and see what I can incorporate into my regime.

Time to start the work day…then I can go play in the mist.  Enjoy your day everyone.


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