Chalk one up for sleep…

I didn’t make it to the gym this morning.  The bed won out on this day.  Far too comfortable…far too easy to hit snooze one to many times.  Now I could have made it in and done a 45 minute workout instead of a full hour…but the bed just wouldn’t let go and I was far too easily convinced to remain tucked into its confines.  Still, I did double up yesterday and I will be starting a dance class tonight.  So I don’t feel too guilty about it.  I just won’t make it a habit.

I had a great run last night…we worked our butts off.  We did ‘cadence’ last night and for those of you not familiar with this technique I will attempt to explain it in very simple terms.  Basically how Lara sets this up is we run down to Connaught Park which has quite a decent sized circumference….we stretch there and then we do a 2 minute jog.  Then we do 3 x 90 seconds of cadence.  Broken down it looks like this:

The first 30 seconds = baseline (you count your steps which should be in the 75-85 range for the 30 seconds)

The second 30 seconds = increasing your number of steps…but not your speed…you want to take shorter quicker steps and you want to increase your step count by about 3 to 4 steps.

The third set of 30 seconds = increasing your number of steps yet again…but not your speed and you want to try and increase your step count by another 2 to 3 steps.

Then you run for 1 minute at a recovery pace and then repeat the 90 seconds of cadence, recovery for another minute then the third installment of the 90 seconds of cadence.

We then run for 2 minutes of recovery and then following that we run at a Zone 2-3 pace for 5 minutes straight.  Then another 2 minutes of recovery and we then repeat the 3 x 90 seconds of cadence once again (so repeat the above formula).

This is a fantastic conditioning workout.  While I am not particular to counting my steps it does provide that discipline I sometimes need to really be focusing on my form.  The thing with cadence, at least for me, is that I find I get stronger as I proceed through the exercise.  The run back to the store last night after we had completed the cadence portion of our run was absolutely fantastic.  I mean, I was in the zone.  I felt so strong and relaxed and I felt like I could have just kept on running like that for another hour or so.  I love getting to that place in running when you are just this fluid body moving through air…being part of the air…just feeling your heart beating…listening to your breath as it rises and falls easily through you.

That for me is the reason that I run…that for me is the reason that I love it!

I really felt so blessed last night that I can do this again.

The Sun Run 10k has become rather symbolic for me as well.  This will be my third year participating and the progress I have made, not just in running, but who I have and am becoming began when I crossed the finish line the first time in 2010.  I unlocked a door that I thought forever lost to me and opening that door and taking back that part of self has opened up not just my physicality but my emotional, spiritual, mental and sexual well being .

I also had issues with my feet when I was younger and at one point had the right foot operated on because the bone was growing out due to the fact that the foot was crooked from birth. Over a period of about 25 years it had become quite painful at times to walk  due to this deformity that had become so pronounced that I walked with a bit of limp.  I can remember being in tears because my feet were hurting so much.    I got orthopedics for my shoes after the surgery and wore  then religiously for a very long time.  The excess weight that I carried did not help the situation either.

So to be where I am today…able to embrace this activity once again…able to actually call myself a runner again…well, it is so much more to me than just exercise.  For me it is freedom.

Enjoy your day everyone!


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