Who let the dogs out?

I had an awesome workout this morning.  I am feeling really strong these days.  I will be plotting out some different runs around my neighborhood to give me a bit of a change and to challenge myself a bit more.  I signed up for the Sun Run yesterday and the goal this year is to run the 10k in under an hour.  I only have to shave off about 7 minutes from last year to attain this goal so I know I can do it.  Next week I will add the third run into my regime so I will be running Tuesday night, Friday morning and Sunday morning.  Friday will be a 5k and Sunday will be 7k to 8k.

As I was getting ready for work after exercising, I was thinking about some of the things I have learned in running with this clinic.  One was the heel to toe ratio on running shoes.  When I first started with the clinic I went out and purchased a pair of NIKE shocks.  I ran in them for about 2 weeks.  Thought I was going to have to amputate.  My shins would just be killing me….my feet would be sore.  I figured this was just part of getting back into running shape.  I was sitting in the store…..I usually arrive early….and I started to talking to one the staff members there.  I told him that I was having all kinds of pain and he looked at my shoes and said that shocks were not very good for running in.  In fact, they could do a lot of damage because of the heel to toe ratio.  I was quite surprised…and so we began the process of fitting me for another pair of shoes.  He got me to walk back and forth in my socks and really took note of my foot fall.  Off he went…he brought down two pairs of shoes.  Both incredibly comfortable but the ASICS Nimbus were just a dream.  So I purchased those.  I never had any pain in my shins after that and the only thing my muscles really felt was fatigued…which they should to some degree after you have run a long distance.

I am currently running with New Balance 890’s.  They are 30% lighter and I do notice a huge difference when I start to get tired…not having as much weight on the feet really does have an impact.

I was finishing up my makeup…and lo and behold yet another hair popping out of my chinny chin chin.  What’s up with that?  Man, you start to get a little older and the body just seems to start having all these inordinately strange things happen to it…and it just starts to do really odd things.  I wondered if I should let the hair grow REALLY long and then I could sit there and play with it and twirl it around my finger and really annoy people.  Everyone would likely want to pluck it.  I can see myself running with this one long strand of white hair trailing in the wind.

Could be dangerous, though, what would happen if it got caught up in some branches…so I plucked it.  Nuff said about that.

I left the gym and headed over to get my morning java from Delaney’s.  Cleo was in her usual place.  Cleo is a golden retriever.  She is one of many dogs I have gotten to know over the past few years who hang out in front of the coffee shop.  Their owners are in having coffee and the dogs congregate out front adamant that you pet them before entering the store and as you are leaving as well.  So of course, I have gotten to know them all on a first name basis.  It was drizzling this morning so Cleo was the only one there.  She is getting on in years….she is lame in one foot.  But she lifts her head and gazes at me with those big brown eyes….

What is it that makes us talk baby talk to animals?  I just turn to mush and give her a good scratch and discuss the weather and my political views with her and the state of the world.  Cleo just listens…and is always very thoughtful in her in her reply.  Woof!   And you know….she just makes so much sense and I tell her that I agree completely.  I go in and get my coffee and say my’ good-byes’ and that I will see her tomorrow…and I note that Cleo also has white hair growing out of her chin.  I smile thinking that perhaps we are not so different after all.

Hmmmm….Cleo would look funny if she plucked her white chin hair…..I laugh to myself.  Funny the odd little random thoughts that run through our head at any given moment.  So I wll start my work day now.

May all of you enjoy your day.


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