It’s the journey that matters…

So often we see ourselves at where we want to be…at what we want to have…of who we should be with and in a particular career that we have envisioned for our self.  Nothing wrong with having goals…nothing wrong at all but remember the most important aspect is the journey itself and what you learn, absorb, acknowledge, discover, discard along the way.  In fact, sometimes when you get to the goal you originally set for yourself…you find yourself with even more paths to explore and while you may have reached your destination…it is merely a pit stop in this thing we call life. 

I have discovered so many different things about myself this past year…some I liked…some I didn’t. That which I liked I built on, that which I didn’t…the attempt is under way to alter these behaviours.  One thing, I may have mentioned this, but I am really working on letting go of ego…just releasing it.  This has been good for me. 

My run yesterday morning was absolutely fantastic.  When I first got up at 7:20 AM  it was starting to snow.  So it was quite fun to run with the snow falling…and I was careful in the parts that were slushy so as not to not slip and yet obtain another collection of bruises.  I felt so strong and I must say my recovery time is getting better.  I am focusing big time on my form these days and really hear the echo of our run leader Lara telling me to “keep your shoulders back…chin up, Nancy!”  We had a representative from New Balance come in a few weeks ago who spoke to us about what the different shoes do and how we can expect them to perform, particularly the new light weights such as the FiveFingers.  She cautioned on switching over to something like that “just like that” and where it might be beneficial to use such shoes.  I have tried them in the past and find that I can feel every pebble that I hit…so no, not for me.  One other thing she was discussing was mid-foot running and I have now come to the conclusion that I do this naturally which is a good thing.  I think I may have babbled about all of this before…but hey, some things are worth mentioning again. 

I did my Yoga class on Friday and the knee was feeling much better…it is, however, still a little tender in terms of putting pressure on it.  Another week and I should be good other than the lingering discolouration. 

I will continue to work on all my wellness and health issues.  I will continue to work to being a whole and complete person in every regard.  I will continue to try to live from my heart and not my ego.  I will continue to try and give back and help to make this world a bit more beautiful.  I willl continue to try and be kinder and gentler to all those I hold dear and to those that I do come into contact with.  I will continue to try and listen better and communicate better AND  I will enjoy the journey and be open to detours and and paths that are redirected.  And at this point I really don’t have a cemented goal in learning all the things I have been learning.  I am not too sure where it will take me…but I do know this.  I want to go there. 

Enjoy your day everyone!


2 thoughts on “It’s the journey that matters…

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling a little bit better:)) I too, always find yoga to help with getting blood flow to certain areas in pain:tai chi is another great way to dispel the areas that are in pain as well. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))


    • Thanks Jon. I really find that breathing is a great way to alleviate any stress I might be feeling. If you are interested…some of my earlier writings would explain a few things further. The first one…’In the beginning” and ‘A New Year…a New Life….’


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