The OMG factor

I doubled up yesterday on the exercise thing and did an aerobics class last night to complement the gym work out in the morning.  It felt really good and the nice thing with this class that I attend from time to time, is that I get some new ideas for the gym routine.  I have done well this week.  I am definitely feeling much stronger and the leg is improving daily.  By next week I will hopefully just have some discoloration.   I am now down almost five pounds from two weeks ago so this good…that is about the pace I was looking at.   So I will continue to weigh-in weekly to ensure that I am being consistent in this regard.

It was so windy this morning…and of course, my hair did everything it was supposed to do and for a nano second I had the hair thing going on and actually looked quite good…then I walked outside and it all went for……ah well.  No point complaining.

Then I looked up at these beautiful pink and white clouds overhead and gazed over at the snow covered mountains that had that OMG thing going on.  The different hues that were radiating such warm pastels just took my breath away.  And I smiled thinking that if all I had to worry about was my hair…then I was doing pretty good.  I just love watching the sun rise in this city…mind you…I like watching it set as well.  There is something about early morning though.  Soon I will be able to run on Friday mornings again.  Totally looking forward to that.  I will likely begin this in a couple of weeks so that will have me running three times per week.

I am debating doing an 8k in March…as the Sun Run is in April this year…and I thought the Harry’s Spring Classic might be a fun little thing to do.  I think once I am running three times a week again I would like to start making Sunday’s run in different locations.  I will have to start looking into this and planning as it tends to materialize when I do plan it out.  It always makes it more interesting when I run in different locations.  I think that is why I cannot stand running on a treadmill.  I don’t like it at all.  What I do on the treadmill is power walk and I find that really helps my hip flexors…but run on it.  Nah!   I like running outside…period.

So I will get back to work now and start this fine day.  Have a fabulous day everyone!


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