Ego and the Beast….

Another rainy day in the rainforest.  A bit windy out there as well this morning.  I made it to the gym…had a good workout.  The leg is feeling pretty good…the scrape is now the size of a dime….but with all the bruising that took place I look like I got into a bar room brawl on the weekend.

I am focusing on my core quite a bit these days and need to look at some new exercises that I can introduce into my workouts.  A year ago I could not do a sit up…I can do them now and make it a point to try and do a few different types during each session.  I want the body to become more flexible and I want it to tighten up.

When I was younger my skin certainly bounced back into shape much quicker….now…well, I wonder if it is all going to ‘bounce’ back at all.  This notion though is likely more ego driven than anything else.  I am never going to look like I did at 25 years of age nor should I because I am certainly not 25 years of age.  I do want to look healthy, though and I do want the skin to be  relatively well conditioned and somewhat firm.  I mean, who wants skin that can be stretched and molded into various shapes like Gumby?

I do my part in taking care of it.  I use oils and lotions all the time now to keep it as supple and nourished  as possible.  We women have certain parts of the body that seem to give way to the laws of gravity before the rest of the body follows suite….bat wings and chicken necks…just to name a couple.  And I wonder when aging became a ‘disease’?  This expectation that we need to look forever young and the variety of artificial means out there to obtain said results.  It’s just crazy.  And now we have women who are young who want to look younger!  Go figure.

I went to the meditation circle last night and found the energy with the all the other participants to be absolutely fabulous.  There was a warmth and connection with my fellow beings that I really got into.

On the drive home I was thinking about ego.  I was thinking about how to let it go…I was thinking about humility and surrendering to a more humble state.

I go to the gym, I run and do Yoga because they make me feel good.  Exercising has fueled a new energy in me….it has given me back the fluidity and joy of movement.  When I am running in the early morning hours and feel the air moving around and through me…there is just nothing like that.  When I swim…it is much the same…I feel the water particles move over me and become one with the water.  And we are all interchangeable with the elements around us as we are made of of air, water, earth….

In youth the movements that once came so naturally…if not practiced and maintained…will become foreign to the body.   It is a joy to begin to awaken all the movements that I once took for granted I would always have.  I am working on leaving the ego behind…it really serves no purpose for me now.  If I am healthy in touch with every part of my being then what more could I possibly want?

Everything that I am working toward will ultimately see me blending and contributing more with the world around me…and it is not a thing to be held up seeking acclamation and accolades but rather an expectation to be a participatory being in this life and to give back and unite with the rest of you in some form or another.

I hope you get out and enjoy your day…again I will always welcome comments…recipes…new exercises…thoughts….you name it.

All the best.


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