In the wee hours of the morning….

Today is a day off for me in terms of working out.  I will rest the leg up, which I must say is looking remarkably well, and start fresh on Monday with my work out routine.  I originally thought the bruising would last for quite sometime, however, it is already turning yellow which as you may know is the last phase of healing with bruising.  The scrape itself is still a wee bit tender…but it is now just that top portion of the knee and it is about the circumference of a silver dollar.  I am really glad that it was not the bottom portion of the knee.  May have taken longer to heal and that area is more susceptible to serious injury.  I managed to scrape the top portion of the knee cap that protects the more vulnerable lower portion.

I will do my menu planning for the week a little later.  Want to throw in a few more salads…I like doing the meal salads.  They are so good. 

Last night I attended a new theatre event down on Granville Island. Anyone who is not familiar with Vancouver, Granville Island is not really an island at all.  Way back in the day it was an industrial cesspool under the Granville Street bridge.  A lot of metal clad buildings with a variety of industries, many of them marine driven.  In fact, the entire area from about where BC Place is around False Creek to where Granville Island is was literally all industrial and quite ugly and unsightly. 

Amazingly the City of Vancouver began to buy up and develop the land and move industry out of there.  Granville Island was born in 1980.  A handful of people got together and developed a plan for it.  The idea was to have a collection of local business unique in their offerings with locally made products.  All the buildings down there were converted into these shops, so it is a very eclectic and diverse group of businesses that now occupies the island.  There are restaurants (no big chains), art shops of every kind, schools, several small theatres, a public market…just to name a few.  The success of the island has been the continued preservation of the original agreement in keeping local business only down there. 

It has also become a huge tourist attraction. 

I did a writing workshop a few months back and have stayed in touch with the instructor.  She sent me an email about this festival which is new.  The premise was to take 9 authors work and produce nine 10 minute plays on each of their work.  Now the thing with this type of setting is the actors have to get into their role quickly and get the message they are putting forth out very quickly.  I was blown away by the quality and variety of the writing and the performances.  The cost to get in…$5.00 with a $2.00 bar…yes, $2.00 for beer!  No….I did not have one…I am off beer for the next 9 1/2 weeks at least….the twelve week plan….

I would love to get involved in an organization like this…and sent Sherry a message stating as much.  I believe she has a blog and if she does I will post it for everyone. 

After the production last night my friends and I went and had a drink and discussed the work we had just seen.  I just sipped on a glass of malbec….I could not believe how fast the time went by.  We headed back to our vehicles and said our goodbyes and I looked at the time and wow….12:45 AM. 

I was driving home in the wee hours of the morning and the rain was beginning to fall and I just felt so very blessed and fortunate.   I have my health…I have a lot of love in my heart…I have good people in my life…I have this energy that is just inviting me to try it on for size and I am giddy with the anticipation of where all of this may lead to.  I slipped into bed looking forward to the many mysteries of life that have yet be revealed and delighted that my knee in healing so fast.  So on that note I will head off and meet the day.

Enjoy everyone.


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