And the rains came….

The rain has returned to the rainforest I am happy to announce.  The snow is always very beautiful and when I am walking in such a climate that crispness in the air is refreshing and invigorating against the skin…but I prefer the snow stay in the mountains and dress them in virgin white.  They always look so gorgeous blanketed as such.

I did manage to do my Yoga class night albeit somewhat awkward at times as I could not use the right knee to full capacity but I did muddle through it and definitely got my zen on.  I just really focused on my breathing last night.  The week was over…the stresses I just let go.  I sorted out the FOB issue when I got home as well and my car is no longer being held prisoner.  I need to have a back up plan I think that does not involve a ladder. 

This morning I did go for my run.  The route is a 5k run in my New Westminster neighborhood.  It was not the best run I have ever had…it was more of a walk/run at the beginning but the second half of the run felt pretty good, though I did feel a little weak.  I think this is to be expected when recuperating from any type of injury.  The knee is not sore per se, but tender where the scrape occurred.  Now the funny thing is…the scrape really is very superficial.  Because I am on the blood thinners, however, my knee in terms of bruising looks like someone took a 2 x 4 to it.  The good doctor at the clinic the other day did tell me that all the blood that had pooled in my knee would run down into my shin/calf area.  He was quite correct in that piece of information  so it currently looks awful.  I am looking to see if there are any remedies out there that will assist in this dispating a little quicker. 

I will be checking out a medical intuitive workshop next week.  I am very interested in energy healing  and have joined and gone to quite a few meetup groups over the past year to garner information and understanding on this.  I am also very interested in meditation and will be joining a meditation circle on Monday to celebrate the New Moon with a healer I have been working with over the past year.  I have found meditation to be rathe hit in miss….though I keep being assured that there is no “wrong” way to meditate.  I attempt to go for the ‘quiet mind’ and have been successful a few times…but more often then not the mind just wanders off somewhere and I constantly have to pull it back to where I think it should be…but maybe I should follow the mind?  Hmmmm. 

I will head off now and get a few things done about the place.  I hope you all enjoy your day…and if you are reading this for the first time and wonder what this about….please refer to “A New Year…a New Life…”

This will give you an idea what these particular posts are about.  Till later…..


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