The silence of snow…

The leg is coming along…so I am going to attempt my Yoga class tonight.  I had a fabulous salad last night for dinner as well.  I am starting to get into some really cool salads.  My daughter came up with this one and I will pass it on to you as it is extraordinarily good!

– Romaine lettuce hearts (tear up into the bowl)

– Tomato (you can add cucumber as well if you wish)

– Mix this with Renee’s Asiago Cheese dressing (about a tablespoon)

– Put on plate

– Pan fry a chicken breast with onion lightly seasoned with Mrs. Dash

– Put on top of lettuce mixture

– Heat up about four small beets.

– Cut them up and put over the chicken.

– Sprinkle with Goat Cheese.

– Enjoy!

This is a very good salad!  Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

If the Yoga class goes well I will go for a run in the morning.

I got up this morning and saw that it had snowed a wee bit over night but nothing major.  I think this week I have been tested or something….for what, I am not too sure.

I got downstairs…into the car.  The FOB would not work on the gate  and I could not get out of the parkade.  The FOB battery was dead…and not showing any signs of life.  Funny, I just bought a new battery over Christmas.  Time for a new FOB I am thinking…this thing is a bit of relic to begin with.  I read the directions for getting out manually.

First instruction said  “Get a ladder…” and I lost interest at that point….but basically you have climb up on a ladder and turn the wheel.  That gate looks pretty heavy to me and I think I would just be tempting fate a bit too much to try such a thing especially with the week that I have had.  Not that I am paranoid or anything.

So I hoisted my gym bag & Yoga mat over my shoulder and hopped on the skytrain.  It was so beautiful everywhere this morning.  It always looks so lovely when fresh snow has fallen.  I love to watch people on transit and so  I just watched as people got on…some read…some listened to music…some just gazed out the window…the guy behind me mumbled the entire way in a language I am not familiar with.  Perhaps it was a mantra of sorts…or perhaps he just likes talking to himself.

If anyone has any other salads or healthy recipes they would like to share with me….by all means….I welcome the information.

Enjoy this beautiful, snowy day everyone.


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