Minus 9 degrees and…..falling?

I think we need to remind the south coast of British Columbia that we are in a rainforest and and to stop this nonsense in thinking that it is an arctic climate.  I don’t usually complain about the cold…but I will say this…just a wee bit chilly out there. We don’t usually get to the -9 degree temperatures and I was quite happy when they announced on the radio this morning that rain was in the forecast for the weekend.

I am at the office…early as per usual with an ice pack on my knee on a little contraption we managed to put together yesterday so that I could keep my leg elevated under my desk.  The leg is looking much better.  Still weeping just a bit…but in all fairness…the scrapes are quite superficial actually and the swelling has gone down.  I iced it a lot last night.  It is starting to turn all those magnificent shades of purple.  I like purple actually….but I don’t think this shade is me.  I prefer the more vibrant shades personally.

My daughter pointed out to me last night that since I have started to take this medication, which unfortunately is necessary for the next little while, I have fallen twice now.  True…and both times I have turned some interesting colours.  So enough of this tumbling.  I will have to stop falling like the temperature and just get on with it.  I don’t fall down on a regular basis as rule.  The last time I took a tumble was two years ago in Pacific Spirit Park after a wind storm…again I was running…but there was just some loose debris and the landing was substantially softer.

My work out regime has been interrupted for the last two days.  Bit of a drag really as I was really getting back into the my regular routine.   Always let the body heal…otherwise it could be worse.  I am hopeful that I can do my Yoga class tomorrow night and I can run on Saturday.

The diet portion has been going quite well actually.  I can see a few areas that I need to curb.  Last night I had a craving for carbs…so nibbled on some crackers and a bun after having pasta for dinner.  For the most part, however, the diet portion of the 12 week plan is going quite well.  I had planned on doing a weigh-in at the gym this morning so I will do this on Monday morning.  By then I am sure that my knee will be well on its way to mending.

That is where I am at on this rather chilly day.  Let’s all think heat….ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Have a great day!


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