No, Nancy, you can’t fly…

I purchased the Yak-Traks.  We were doing hills last night during our run and the area that we do this in, I for whatever reason, thought the roads would be clear and neglected to put them on.  It would have been a fantastic opportunity to see how they work in such conditions as the roads were packed with snow…so next time.  We were all very careful and had a great run.  We were heading back to the Right Shoe store to finish up and stretch and were running back down Fir Street and just before 7th Avenue (a meer 3 blocks from the store) on a dry patch of salted sidewalk…my toe caught an uneven surface and for a nano second I was hoping I was Superman and would keep flying.

Alas…the laws of gravity kicked in pretty quickly and of course when the flying thing didn’t work, I thought I would try body surfing on cement.  I think it was the salt that prevented me from being successful in this endeavour.  Suffice to say…a bit of a crash landing.  My right knee got the worst of it and I did break skin.  I am now debating on running over to the clinic to get it perhaps stitched?

Because of the heart medication that I am on…my blood is thinner now  AND I bruise very easily.  Georgia peaches got nothing on me in this regard.  The knee is black and it keeps on weeping blood.  It doesn’t really hurt per se…just a little tender.  I would have hit the gym this morning if the bleeding had stopped…

So I will have to get this under control pretty quickly and carry on with my routine.  The snow is really coming down out there perhaps I will be taking transit this evening and just leave the car here at work.  We will see how this day pans out.

Any of you who thinks perhaps you may want to try flying on your own or body surfing on cement…from my experience I would highly discourage you from attempting this.  Enjoy your day and the winter wonderland out there.


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