Snowfall warning in effect?…all I see is blue…

I fully expected to get up and find a foot of snow on the ground this morning after all the weather warnings last night.  Not the case.  Funny thing though, I have this really silly alarm clock.  It has features on it that I am not even sure why I would want to use them.  It has two alarm settings…a snooze button and time zones…just to name a few.  I bought is simply because it was the cheapest one I could find when my other clock died out just over a year ago.   All I need really is something that chirps, beeps, blips, pings or pongs…some odd little sound that will pull me from my slumber.   In any case, and I have done this before, last night I once again managed to hit the time zone button.

When the alarm went off I woke still feeling quite tired…I squinted to see if there was a lot of snow on the ground.  Trust me, the effort was very minimal on my part gazing from my pillow about eight feet across to a two inch opening at the bottom of the blinds on the window.  I could see a bit of white.  That was enough.  I decided then to sleep for another half hour.  Tuesdays I usually double up.  Work out in the morning…run at night with my group.  So still feeling a little sleepy I thought, hell, I am running tonight.  So I slept for another half hour.  I got up…made coffee, fed the cat, showered and prepared to put my makeup on.  I went to plug in the makeup mirror and the clock on the stove blinked at me….5:01.  I stared at it for a moment.  What!?  I checked the battery operated clock…then looked at the time on my phone. Yup…it was 5:01…not 6:01 that read on my alarm clock.  I had hit the time zone button in error…again…and moved my alarm clock ahead by one hour.

Yeah!  I can work out.  I threw my gym clothes on…dried my hair…threw everything back into my gym bag…and off I went.  The roads were in great shape…a few stars were even peaking through.  Snow fall warning…really ?

I did Cardio and core this morning.  I am really focusing on my mid-section these days as that is the area I most want to see improvement in.  I have decided to purchase some Yak-Traks for my running shoes.  That way if there is snow on the ground I can still run.  I contacted Rand over at the Right Shoe yesterday to find out what they have in stock after previewing some of the gear available online.  The Yak-Traks appear quite good…though I am curious how it will feel having them on the shoe.  I may find that out this evening when we run…I may have to  give them a shot.  We are running ‘HILLS’ tonight.  We have run up in this area before and there might well be snow and ice up in them thar hills.

So I have had two showers today and 5 hours sleep.  Does it get any better than that?  Enjoy your day.


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