Then the snows came….

Funny…when I went to see the cardiologist last week…I told him that I was back in the gym and running again.  He was really pleased with this and encouraged me to keep it up.  Typically, the good doctor explained, that people quite often don’t want to work out as they are afraid of putting too much stress on the heart muscle.  I can understand that.  My first run after the procedure I had this vision of the stent just ‘popping’ through and getting stuck somewhere.  Has a bit of an ‘ick’ factor to it, I know.  This thought didn’t last long and I smiled at the absurdity of this happening…and no, I won’t Google it to find out if, in fact, this can happen.

I am finding, in fact, that my recovery time is much quicker when I run.  There is a difference with the breath…it is subtle but noticeable.

When first I started to run again…within a minute of running, I would be breathless…so I have come a long way and this, I have no doubt has probably saved me.  So  to give up?  Not a chance!

I am easing back into my workout regime.  When I am at my peak it will look like this.

Mon – Thurs morning from 6:00 am to 7:00 am – At the gym doing combination cardio,  core & weights.

Tuesday evening from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm – Running with my running clinic at the The Right Shoe. (Fantastic group, by the way…our group leader is incredibly knowledgeable & everyone is very supportive)

Friday morning – 5:00 am – 6:00 pm – Running a 5k in my neighborhood

Friday evening from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm – Hatha Yoga at Prana Yoga (great place for Yoga by the way)

Saturday is a rest day.

Sunday morning from 7:00 am to 8:15 – Running a 7k in my neighborhood

This is the schedule I was doing prior to surgery (minus the Yoga… I just found this little gem a few weeks ago)…and this is what I will be building up to once again.

The last two weeks I have been doing two sessions in the gym in the morning, the running clinic, the Yoga and on Saturdays I have been getting up to do a 5k run.

Friday mornings at 5:00 am are a bit dicey right now because of the weather.  Last thing I need is to hit a patch of ice and suffer an injury on a dark, stormy morning, and part of the run is through Queen’s Park…so at the moment I am just running twice a week.  Starting next month and dependent upon the weather  I should be able to get back to three runs a week.

This past weekend, however, I didn’t get my second run in.  Got up…opened the curtains and alas, snow was on the ground. Beautiful for sure…but I don’t have the right gear for running in this type of weather.  And I have never felt the need to go out and purchase the necessary gear as typically we don’t get a lot of the white stuff around here.  But as I look out at the falling snow this Monday morning…perhaps I should consider making the investment.

I did go to an aerobics class Sunday morning, however, to make up for the missed run.

I made it to the gym this morning and did a combination of cardio, core & weights and this week am hoping to get all four mornings in….weather permitting.

The diet as been going well.  I am really focusing on a lot of salads, homemade soups, lean proteins, fruits…

There has been no beer and won’t be for a while.  If I do want a drink it will be red wine…

The snow is very beautiful…and if it continues to fall I may have to look to public transit for a few days.  That’s okay though.  We have a gym at our office, kind of a crappy little thing, but it would get the job done so I can always use that for a few mornings if necessary.

This is week three…and I am planning on increasing the work out regime as stated.  Looks like the snow has subsided for a little while and I can see a bit of blue poking through.

That is where I am on this Monday morning…enjoy your day!




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